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  1. Only a couple people touched on a few key points: 1) Traps are AOE damage and can hit multiple enemies. Having single target towers have to waste their time killing weak mobs while the strong enemies wreck havok is just bad. 2) The hero deck has 4 slots and the huntress can build both magic and physical damage. It's just super convenient.
  2. I noticed there seems be a pretty big split in the community about doing "easy maps" for monthly vs those who get them done in their "regular" playing. I really dislike having to play maps that have little benefit to me, just because they're easy enough to get the monthly. I want to play NM4 maps that have the chance at giving me upgraded loot, not maps where the only benefit is 1 pet affection level + some gold. I fail to get the same feeling that monthly quests are easy to complete. I usually can get in 2 weeks of fairly regular playing outside of work/vacations/other commitments and struggle with finishing the monthly (mind you I don't ONLY play the fastest way possible). To me doing 5 campaign maps for a week solid is a fairly big time commitment if I still want to play some other maps to "grind" for gear.
  3. I can't believe how many hours I put into the 2 of the monthly quests and got 0 reward. This December event I gave up part way through and had no interest in trying to beat it when I realized that with going on a week long vacation I only had 3 days left to do about a third of the quest? I find the time requirement is just too large for me to want to bother with the monthly quests anymore. So they did encourage me to play to get the special reward... for a while... but after missing out on two different months because life happens and I can't play enough games to get it. I would be interested in playing more (just for the monthly) if it was quicker and easier to get the special pet reward. Go ahead and make a harder version of the monthly where you get extra rewards for the hardcore players who can afford the time.
  4. So, I went form being able to fairly easy solo build NM4 incursion on gates of dragonfall... now I can't even solo build NM3 AFTER finding some improved gear to bring my stats closer to what they were before the harbinger patch.
  5. I die so fast in NM4 incursion that I don't even get healed once... And only since this update.
  6. I thought only incursion got a buff? And that's seriously crazy if 12.5% buff to dmg takes me from rarely dying on incursion to instant death.
  7. So I didn't change my squire, stats didn't really move but ever since update I can't survive in NM4. Incursion I die instantly if I provoke, my shield block doesn't seem to do much to keep me alive. In regular NM4 I still die a lot, although it's not instantly, I can survive a little but nowhere near as good as before (rarely died). On top of that, the "fixes" to the reflect pet ability mean it does barely any damage anymore.
  8. First time seriously playing since patch and I found out that a ton of my gear has been re-rolled/nerfed... awesome... yeah, that makes me really want to play. I don't want to have to re-farm that much gear just to get back to the stats I had.
  9. Are you telling me that you just killed the option for Hybrid builders?!?!!?
  10. Hahah, it's CPU not GPU bound this game. If I had a really really crappy GPU I wouldn't expect to be able to play games at decent settings or FPS. My laptop is using a 970M and has no issues with BF4 on Ultra 1080p.
  11. So I went from a windows 7 on a high end desktop CPU to a windows 10 laptop on a reasonable CPU (i7-5700HQ) and I can BARELY play the game at 1080p with most of the graphics settings turned off... is it a windows 10 problem or is DD2 seriously that POORLY optimized that you can't run it without a very high end CPU?
  12. Free "upgrading." Instead of having to stand and fuse items for 5+ minutes just get an item auto maxed... even if there was some other restriction like have the available gold.
  13. Anyone have a number on how many employees are working on this game? I'd imagine they are very rich by now since free to play launched. Shame on you! They are underpaid, overworked, nice people who haven't made a world of riches off us (not yet anyways).
  14. Just for fun, what would you pay gems for (real world $$$) if the devs let you? Don't worry about restricting yourself to the "nothing is pay 2 win," since it's just for fun anyways. I'd pay for pet affection levels, being able to re-roll pet abilities, "map modifiers" (i.e. increased difficulty for xx minutes = % chance better loot in chest, low gravity on, etc), special attack/weapon animations, tower skins/attack animations, multiple pets (they follow you around on map but don't actually do anything), theme music that plays to all players during specific triggers.
  15. They do make a lot of pretty looking things, don't they?
  16. Interesting though. Restrict players from certain difficulty (NM 1, 2, 3, 4) based on their level, but also make it impossible to level past that cutoff until they unlock the next content. Example: NM1 requires a lvl 40 - Until you "beat" insane content you can only level up to lvl 40. You can join NM1 after you "beat" insane and get a lvl 40. NM2 requires a lvl 50 - Until you "beat" NM1 content, you can only level up to lvl 50. You can join NM2 after you "beat" NM1 and get a lvl 50. NN3 requires a lvl 60 - same idea as above... NM4 requires a lvl 70 - same ideas as bove. Once you "unlock" NM4, you can level up to the max level cap. Now, the sticky point is how does the game "say" you've beat the current difficulty? That's a tricky one that I don't have a great answer to. It could be a combination of beating a certain number of maps at a difficulty, a requirement to kill a certain amount of enemies, beating specific quests, etc. I like the fact that Trendy puts low restrictions on being able to "boost your friends" up to your NM4 content if they pick up the game one day... so I'd like to keep it as simple and as easy as possible to unlock the next tier. You should feel like just playing the game as you level up is enough to "beat" that level before you reach the next level cap. There is always the power of the private tavern to boost players as well.
  17. My big issue when I originally went through this was the huge gap in level requirement for Armour. Once I start working on my alternate heroes to play with, I have no home for them. I get a lvl 50 and they can get the good gear and the map difficulty not that challenging to stay in free play as I work on my other characters to lvl 50. I feel like all the non-lvl 50s are useless to me in any harder difficulty but are provided with no challenge to make leveling and equipping them any fun. I want to be able to say "I've unlocked endgame, now I can play it with all my hero deck, even if they're not lvl 50 yet." With the lvl 50 cap on armour with a huge gap below it, you don't feel like you can! On the flip side, putting an insane difficulty in free play would be very nice due to the experience gain and the option to level up your characters while finding them gear to attack NM1 head on. In general I very much dislike how the iPWR range of gear from lvl 0-40 seems so blended together you don't really care what gear you have and then when you hit lvl 50 there's this HUMONGOUS range of iPWR 200-700 gear all at lvl 50 requirement.
  18. Some of my thoughts on what I see as the issue or what I'd like to see change: 1) There should be some kind of filter to prevent players of very low skill levels from joining games that are grossly above their skill level. The old iPWR restriction was better than nothing if you ask me. It's been debated a lot with no conclusion as to what people feel will be the most effective, but we really want something. 2) I hate trying to find an "active" public game. The only option I have is the "random" button (which sometimes misses active games... I'm looking at you liferoot forest), which leaves you wasting a ton of time if the random selection either sends you to an empty new game or a map you have zero interest in playing. If Trendy doesn't want to go back to the server browser of previous games, here are my suggestions: On each "map choice" on the war table, put current game info each little map icon. Show us how many games with "open spots" are currently on that map, the number of those which are "in progress games" (no longer in the initial build phase), and the largest number of open slots out of the games available (for people trying to play as a party).Give us filters to the random button to control what kind of games it will put us in and how long we're willing to wait. Examples: Checkboxes for which maps it can put you in, game types (incursion, endgame, onslaught), selection for minimum current wave (0 for new game/build phase, 1 for first wave or higher, etc), minimum number of players in game, option to "wait to be matched" where it'll put you in a new game once there are 3 other people in the queue with matching conditions, how long you'll wait for it to try and find you matching games(i.e. 1-5 minutes before it gives up).3) I really dislike having to find a map nobody is playing, lose the map, return to tavern.... AND THEN I can create my own public game on a map from scratch. The issue for me is when I join a map and the players are playing a map above their skill level and I'm trying to farm that map quickly and efficiently. In this scenario, we don't want to play together because we have very different objectives but I have no direct way to play that map publicly until their "game instance" fills up.
  19. So, is it not a huge issue within the community how poorly designed the current matchmaking system is? Why has it remained unchanged for so long? How important is it to you and what would you like to see changed/ideas? Here are some of the big topics: Restricting player's ability to join maps based on their skill level. i.e. currently any lvl 50 can join NM4 gamesLack of ability to find desirable games. Lots of time can be wasted joining and leavings games until you find one.No way to create your own public game on a specific map if there is a game in progress
  20. You should specify if you're not talking about the PC version of Dungeon Defenders. The PC version of DD1 was nothing like this! A) get a jester and put a genie on it B) Max out all towers by end of second wave.
  21. Lol, I've built a tank/waller hybrid squire. He's good but not great at either. 250k walls, 1k resistance, 16k hp.
  22. The worst part about this is the fact that I could EASILY beat that map with frosty/traps off regular NM3 gear. This is using (basically) high lvl NM4 gear to beat an easy NM4 map. Yes, towers do need a buff. Splody harpoons are great except that you can't seem to get 280k HP walls, which kind SUCKS EXCESSIVELY. I really, really dislike the idea of having to make 1 character for walls and he's not great at anything else... hell sometimes not even good at anything else. Have you tried without skyguards? My normal build for liferoot has no skyguards and only the flying kobolds are ever a threat (although lit bugs would probably be a problem with how close your towers are to the wall).
  23. Check out Zektiv on YouTube. I'm pretty sure he has that map up.
  24. Dude... DD1 was soooo "toxic." The only difference between DD1 and DD2 is the fact that content in DD2 requires you to play hard to beat the content. You could have everyone leech in your game in DD1 and be useless and still win NM games if you had over-powered gear. Personally, the witherbeasts are a *HUGE* f'n threat and can be very difficult to deal with once burrowed (unless you can get an instant kill). Ogres are not enough of a threat wile being OP broken with their range/damage to kill stuff behind the walls, or simply walk over walls and ignore hero aggro. I don't want there to bee too many threats because then I'll almost never be able to play public games. Too many players aren't able to handle the complexities of "My towers can't win this on their own."
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