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  1. 50$ for all the games it doesn't worth it man if you wanna buy it wait for a huge sale they did so many sales at like 20$
  2. hehehe, lvl 100? sure. more grinding my lvl 93 up another 7 levels XD HOLY CRAP A NEW ITEM TIER? let me grab my set of ult... wait, thats right, all i got is trans XP Time to grind another 100hours into this game, Wish me luck, ima find this new armor type~ Those 100 hours you're talking about is the console from 78-83 I think you guys are really lucky and even if your set of armor are impossible to get you know where to get them wich isn't whats happening on ps3
  3. What would you guys offer for a legit robot farmed by me in the event fully uppgraded in dmg That doesn't mean I'll sell it BUT YOU SHALL LEAVE YOUR OFFERS
  4. Looking for a strategy or a group to do it now I don't afk I just wanna complete the lvl and a bit for the exp too
  5. Anyone leave below a build for glitterhelm insane+?
  6. Waste of a thread Just today I probably played like 1hour and I got probably 5 dude wanting my laser and all the others just kicked me out of the room
  7. If one day you see me enter in your tavern with my robot on, guys just fk off I ain't selling my robot don't offer me a stupid skittles I don't give a **** about them I'm not trading it I don't care whats you offer this robot will permanently be mine Thanks you for reading and have a great day finding a legit robot :)
  8. It should be really hard since on every crystal you got mobs coming from left and right
  9. Better armor/better weapon for insane+ (When I mean better armor I mean those armor starting at like 50ish not 1-9) I mean all games I played I could do it by myself on any diffuclty it can go from Cod to crysis to mario to dead rising skyrim, etc But dungeon defenders is the only game you cann't do all the challenges/map on any difficulty by yourself
  10. Is there gonna be a sale for fall or christmas because. I'm thinking about buying the 50$ dollar full pack and with all those steam sales (20%-50%-66%) I would economise for later dlc or another games. Anyone know?
  11. I would buy the pc version 1-90 you can do it in like 1 week
  12. Don't worry I've done 20 waves on deeper well I know what you feel
  13. What was the difficulty I wanna change it
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