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  1. Does someone from stuff can answer in this thread?
  2. Make Kony famous http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4MnpzG5Sqc&feature=player_embedded
  3. Yesterday everything was fine - locked picking and pet on floor. Host AFK shop so alt+tab and some net surf. After few hours check how much mana earned and again alt+tab. about 30min later crash, it was about 11pm so dont turn on DD and go to sleep. When I play today (about 40min ago) host a game, pet disapear and picking items was unlocked. Auto unlock or new cheats?
  4. There is a range nerf on assaults, you need to face it. But idk about projectiles. Ive got 4 in my dps retrib and 3 in tow but idk did i could up it when upgrading.
  5. Is it possible? http://www.defendersstore.com/?p=item&item=4272180 I know how work cheat engine (learned on heroes 3 many years ago :P) But i think it cannot be done using CE bcoz its imposible to find a HEX responsible for that without changing value. Even if there are every stats in weap, it's = 0. EDIT: here is a ss if someone buy it or delete from defstore https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/IAJE1zc-_STrSpQdT6bLdOTOcgKqJMMj19AyJdodcwc
  6. hunt is about 13% faster than ranger Max speed is 100 and there is a cap on this 100. even 887 is lika a 100
  7. 100 speed is max, you can check it, just respec stats and put all points into speed
  8. tried 10 times today and still nothing... worked only one time using this thing with enabling AFK shop
  9. Crash after choose a conversion -> save -> Lunch. Any ideas? Ive got DDDK bcoz i dowloaded it a few weeks ago.
  10. i solved the problem, need host a normal game and enable AFK shop.
  11. but how we could became an advanced players (stats 2000+ etc.) if we cant earn money. Limit 200kk is nothing - only few waves on good surv + cant transform an expensive items into magazines(upgrading to 200kk price); even we cant sell them too bcoz we're out of limit remeber?
  12. People can join bcoz my friends from steam list sometimes joining. I think the problem is a placement. When I host a normal game, 95% of players joining are Polish (my country) and when I searching a server on game list the 95% of hosts is German. Maybe there is a ping limit but my net speed exludes that, i mean even a player join from ex. Spain he has a ping under 100. Yesterday i made AFK shop for 3h nonstop watching. There was only 1 join after about 2:45h. People just dont see my shop on the shops list, even a friend living only ~100km from me cant find it on shops list.
  13. Hi and sry for not perfect English. Every day i want to sell some items. After host an AFK shop there is no visitors. Few days ago I try left shop on night (0:00 - 10:00 AM GMT+1) only 1 page of items and add to shop items worth ~100kk with price 1kk to check out. 0:00 - 2:30 i was online and watch - nobody comes. Then go to sleep and wake up ~9:30 and nobody buy it = nobody comes. Why? I havent got a perfect PC but 60FPS in tavern i think that's ok. Ive got ~28Mbps down and 8Mbps up internet connection speed.
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