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  1. Keep your head up guys maybe there busy on the DD 2 we will see if any new comes up before april ends gotta have faith in trendy :)
  2. PS4 most likely i would get it for sure console 4 life all the way
  3. Sure bro i'm down we need three ppl to guard all the crystal my set i quick and easy i got a nice one it takes time. add me if u guys wanna always willing to help my community out.
  4. Thanks Hitmonchan for the invite bro your the best hope to see you guys agian soon take kare.
  5. LOL right bro i agree so it won't transfer all your old games u have to make a new PSN nick that's lame don't make no sense too but oh well i'm still getting one i'll still holla at you on my PS4 that is.
  6. And don't know why you would think that. Have they said psn account games will carry over or something? Yes they did all your old games will just carry over with your psn nick so yes DD will still be the same old DD unless we get more add on's and patches from trendy. Which people can ask hitmonchan?
  7. They should be making DD2 for the PS4 with all the old characters with new moves and bring some new ones to make it more fun for the gaming community agian right guys. Well for now we can only hope and pray they do hope i can still transfer all my games from my PS3 to my PS4 don't wanna lose this game on my PS3 now. New doors just open for trendy lets hope this time they can give us all the same things as on PC guys.
  8. Too easy bro cake walk in the park on ps3 you got some weird rules don't seem like ps3
  9. Miss you girl welcome back to the family of DD
  10. Help them bro its only a game
  11. You should of ask me girl i would of gave you a 150 already upgraded for free you know me your best friend on DD
  12. Chia Xiong PSN : AkireLy Time 12pm please thank u
  13. It was the best fun i had in a long time with my favorite trendy host laura she was funny and a great host i enjoy every minute with her and my partners were great. Thank you laura for the amazing time nice seeing you agian hope theres more trendy events to come. Nice job laura
  14. Chia Xiong PSN: AkireLy 12pm Eastern Standard Time
  15. 1. Soda Addiction the best weapon ever made by trendy and genie king killer 2. Shai Hulud 200 upgrades OP all day 3. Everflame Purple flame plus range is far better than a shaitan only bad thing is trendy forgot to give it reload 4. Soul Focuser shoots through walls with high DPS
  16. How you not know bro if you have one? Its stats ain't even hidden.
  17. HitmonChan you need to get borderland 2 so we can coop. I waiting to order DMC the new Devil May Cry looks nice.
  18. Hitmonchan sign me up my psn is AkireLy
  19. Yeah i heard they are making pt 2 also but i think its only gonna be on PC console is pretty much over when the last shard comes out but who really knows when that is happening right. Ederluck you are so right bro.
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