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  1. I have no idea if something like this will work, but take a look: http://ddplanner.com/?l=5932,mix-mode-test-2 Notes: - Still 6 DU left to play with - Mid is weak, but it's set up so very few enemies go through there. I can see ogres being an issue... - Not sure if east will need spider protection, or if they all head northwest The whole idea behind this is to gas Djinns before they have a chance to buff any fish. Of course this will still occur in the south but it's never really a problem there anyway. Thoughts? I have yet to try this, was just playing around with the planner.
  2. Well, this got me to 28 in mix mode: http://ddplanner.com/?l=5827,reichert-aquanos-mix-mode-in-testing I ended up losing halfway through wave 28 to a goldfish at the middle crystal, ironically enough... No issues with fish (that I noticed) at the north or south crystals. One thing to note is positioning in this build is sensitive. Make sure ogres can't swing at your towers when using 4du buff beams. Everything is buff beamed except reflects/gas.
  3. Wouldn't that produce the same result on bird fish? Not enough time to kill fish. Edit: Nvm, I'm a bit slow today... I know what you mean. I'm going to give that a shot now. Also, it's pretty ridiculous that a 10-14mil hp fish comes from a spawn right below the crystal. Almost not enough time to kill it unless you have crazy high damage and dedicate a lot of towers to that one area. Edit: Just failed wave 21 due to a goldfish northwest. Magic missile = bad. Will probably swap it for something in the mid.
  4. I'm curious what your anti-air at the south crystal is, the harpoon seems redundant where it is, so I am not sure if it is supposed to function as a goldfish killer. I do, however, really like the idea with that positioning with the buff beams and might try that out next time, being as my monk has comparable aura radius as you. That harpoon should take care of any fish that manage to make it up towards the crystal. How it it redundant? It's AA, spider killer and a trash/ogre killer. It's anything but reduntant.
  5. I'm currently testing this setup: South: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/596970082501336191/FDA1B146D6CC4BF0C0A99035F664954FED397A27/ Those are 6du and 4du buff beams. I completely eliminated the 4du buff beam on the stairs as my electric aura reaches the 6du buff beam (2.1k aura range). Mid: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/596970082500856392/10C82BEEF065DE7FEA77CC9AE3621A48858B3710/ North: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/596970082500851610/99297DC1019913AA0132B1AC42D775259C452B16/ Only used gas traps, no proxy/dark/inferno. I'll post the full build if things go well and an update when I get to a later wave/lose. Edit: Update south and swapped a fireball with a harp; deleted reflect.
  6. iv been considering a change to North lately. In the north, if you just move all the projectile towers to the ledge and face them east, add an MM and face it northwest. you'll have plenty of coverage and the corners will stay clear. Delete the old 4 DU buff beam that was for the fireball tower and simply move the reflect screen to the ledge. Ogres attacking the walls simply wont matter because they're beamed and drained. Not even a 50mil ogre can dent them. in the south, shortening the Buff beam from 6 to 5 DU, adding an explosive far south, replacing the MM with a fireball. Deleteing both darkness traps in place of one single drain aura. In the mid, removing the inferno and replacing it with an explosive in total it'll be 160 DU except you get an extra explosive and the MM turned into a fireball in the south. Also the north corners stay clear because the positions changed. Just some ideas i'm toying with if anyone wants to give one a whirl. I'm currently testing something similar out in mix mode. Replaced the 2 darkness traps with an STR drain, combined the buff beam in the south to one 6 DU beam, replaced the MM at mid to a harpoon, and added a fireball north. Another change I might make next time is make the two walls south 4 and 4, and possibly drop the buff beam on the stairs. My aura range is almost high enough (2.1k) to where the electric far south can reach the single buff beam on the walls. Changing the walls to 4 and 4 will move the beam a little closer to cover the extra distance North: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/596970082497284217/285F51B091E02EC9E78A769CF286A5ED1ABA7351/ South: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/596970082497288330/024FC5D29E59A22009780CD7E9B170D486804819/ Middle: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/596970082497286374/A49D37F96C67D21FB20FCC2DA819D73003E10C08/ On wave 20 now, so far so good. Will update later. Edit: Lost on wave 23 due to a goldfish 1 shotting the south crystal. Other than that...the build worked well.
  7. Yeah agreed, we'll bump it up to 140 in the next update. -Jer You're awesome <3
  8. Gotta build those Elec Auras just slightly behind the Str Drain auras -- for Auras, enemies are considered immune-or-not at the point of entering. Might change that later. And then watch those Wyvs drop like flies! -JerPlease change this. It's way too much work to place an electric aura slightly behind a strength drain aura, considering most players can't even see their aura's entire range when placing. Not to mention if you do manage to place the electric aura behind the strength drain aura, the other side will still have no effect against lightning affiliated enemies. Which really only means the real way to place an electric aura with a stregth drain aura is to shrink the electric. It makes no sense... Thanks for reading.
  9. Looks great, but why are there 3 harps on the middle crystal? You can expand the buff beam to 6, and delete a harp, giving you another 5 DU for another electric in the south (or something else, somewhere), like so: http://ddplanner.com/?l=3990,kandar-water-world-reichert-edit
  10. so is it just pure elemental poison dps?!?Correct. Just like a serpent.
  11. I like the sharks and think they add something fresh to the game. I do, however, think they could use some changes... It doesn't make sense that a sharken, while taking heavy damage from harpoons, fireballs, proximity mines, etc. can continue to run straight through walls. It should be like this: * Sharken can move walls, but the knock back amount is proportional to the amount of health they are currently at. Perhaps even make it so they slow down as they take damage over time. I can understand them being immune to ensnare/gas/stun while charging, but with the changes suggested above, I can see things working out a lot better. Walls may still be moved, but not as frequently as they are now. And I didn't vote on this poll as the options listed are one-sided...
  12. It can fire 6 projectiles, all poison, and with a very wide spread.
  13. Welp i got to wave 20 and tons of trouble with walls getting knocked out of the way while using reichert's edit of this layout.Which walls were you having trouble with? I only had issues with the far south one, and the was probably due to poor trap placement.
  14. I modified your build a little, Kandar, and it's been working great. Basically added some snares, a lightning tower in the north (trying it out...so far it's decent), and replaced a harp in the south with a fireball. Also removed a harp from the middle crystal. So far it's been great to 20. I'll post the build when I'm done. Edit: Well, disconnected just as I'm about to beat wave 20. Awesome. Anyway, here's the build I used: http://ddplanner.com/?l=3847,kandars-water-world-reichert-edit I resized all of the trans/auras to match the approximate in game size, but they all reset and looked tiny, so I just left them as normal. One change I have in mind is to possible combine the southwest-ish buff beams into one, using a 6 DU buff beam to hit the traps, walls, harpoons, and lightning. The only problem I see with this is possible sharken destroying the buff beam if it's able to successfully charge the walls.
  15. Tried this on survival (duo). Everything was fine until wave 12, when sharks started pushing walls aside, breaking buff beams. After that it was over. I just don't see how you're supposed to deal with all of these sharks on later waves...
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