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  1. You seriously need to learn to read man. They have already stated on the forums that they accidentally released the buff early. Oh also, have you checked what they have included in the hot fix notes for the new update? Yeah it states they accidentally released it and that it will be released in the next update. More looking, less asking okay?
  2. Well from my understanding, yes we will! If you read the devstream/dev log, it tells you what both PC/PS4 update will include! Why would they include it on one platform and not the other?
  3. So I should not be rewarded the HIGHEST POSSIBLE Chest reward for completing the HIGHEST POSSIBLE Maps? How does that make sense at all? NM4 Incursion is currently the most difficult of levels. There is NO REASON why a Legendary chest isn't given for completion of these maps. The ONLY REASON I can think of is that the system is broken. Nothing that comes out of a chest that is LESS than Legendary is useful to someone who can complete NM4 Incursion. PLEASE explain to me why YOU think it is a worthy reward to get less than Legendary for NM4 Inc maps, please!!!! So you are basically saying
  4. Well I'm afraid to say this but it is your fault for not knowing how the scavenger works, he keeps your loot for a short period of time so you can collect what you need. That's why you should always do it before you go offline. If you went offline then you are more than likely going to lose everything the scavenger has collected when you come to play it the next day.
  5. Maybe because everyone is still downloading the update? Clearly the servers are going to be taking a bit of stress at first, give it an hour or 10 and it might sort itself out. And they didn't say they fixed it, you need to learn to read. They said they have fixed multiple crash issues but obviously they won't be able to fix all of them. Also them bringing out this new update may bring with it some more crashes which is expected.
  6. If you actually had the time to read OP's thread, he already tried both those solutions to no avail. Your comment in this case was pointless and not needed.
  7. Are you talking to the OP or me? Learn to quote. If it's me I am a PS4 player so your point is mute. If it's OP then carry on I guess? sorry I didn't think I needed to quote it since I mentioned part of what he was saying in my post. Anyway I was talking to the OP not you, I know you are a PS4 player.
  8. Tbh, I think you need to stop moaning that the balance patch has been pushed back again, "boohoo!". How do you think us PS4 players feel that we haven't remotely got any of the revamp yet and none of the new heroes, oh and to not forget the maps too? I think you should get on and play with EV2 and deal with it.
  9. Im on ps4 so i probably wont have to worry about this for a year- year and a half but thanks for pointing it out being colorblind sucks alot of games are unplayable because of it.. although im sure it wont matter they will give us the original version and take another 6 months to fix it Please can you stop with your irrelevant posts, you are not helping anyone with what you say or think. You never have structured criticism other than giving Trendy grief. Why would they listen to what people say if you speak to them like that?
  10. He means they won't 'Get It' if it isn't cross platform but anyway, you are wrong, the game isn't free to play on the PS4 yet. You still have to purchase it unlike the PC which got the open Alpha many patches ago in Alpha and Beyond I believe. PS4 are still awaiting for it to be in Open Alpha which should have happened on the same patch as what the PC got.
  11. LOL... 30 seconds after they do that half of the population of players will have 999999999999 health and do 99999999999999999999 dmg they will not do this don't bother asking If I remember correctly, DD1 on PS3 was not hacked for a long time or ever from what I remember. Oh so you are telling me that they can't add a report button in the game for modders/hackers and then get them banned from playing the game? And this is going off topic but COD 4 had a local save file that can let you hack it online and split screen which eventually got patched so what you are referring to is irrelevant. And
  12. This is still happening loads on the EU server so I guess it is just a matter of luck. Also, I think it is a load of garbage that this is to do with your profile being fully loaded before you can access it. The reason I say this is because of this: I go to the war table as soon as I load into the game and ALL the maps are visible to select. I can then come off the war table menu, go back onto the menu and what do you know, ALL maps disappear. But sometimes when the bug happens, I can come off the War Table menu, select it again straight away and ALL maps just suddenly appear. To summarise and
  13. Just thought I would bump this as I think this is an important revamp idea.
  14. In the past you always had faith in Trendy, now all you do is slate them. I can understand this game has MAJOR issues, but all I ever see now is your pointless posts. Criticise them as much as you like but at least keep it structured.
  15. I understand that what I'm worried about is since they took so long with previous updates how do they plan to release another bundle for ps4 so fast They plan to release the bundle faster because the future content is being cross developed so the code for PC is easier to port over to the PS4 which is my understanding of the situation. I.e, the UI rework they have been doing is pretty much the same as what the PS4 is going to be so you can already see that this makes it 100 times easier to work with.
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