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  1. You have to put the letter in, don't write out the whole number. You can do this for million and billion. 5b = 5,000,000,000 100m = 100,000,000 Hope that helps.
  2. I haven't tested this on other maps, but on 'Mistymire Forrest' towers will not shoot the Ogre Copters. I've only tested the Harpoon and Fireball turret, they just kinda go all bonkers and shoot in every direction. They shoot the wyvern just fine, and once the copter drops the Ogre, then they'll target. Can anyone confirm that it's not just me? This is the first time I've noticed this happening, I found out the hard way, I was playing survival with my low levels, and the West was flooding with very strong ogres all over my Crystal.
  3. Cool, nice to see you're still looking out for us. I don't think there is a way to fix Cupid targeting without free aim, they're just way too high up. Well, a lot, or all of the mouse+keyboard functions still work while using a controller, like, the keyboard bindings (M,Q,G, and so on) even the mouse buttons still do there thing, would it be possible for the mouse to function normally while using a controller? It just needs to be able to aim. It's an ugly solution, but could be handy in emergencies. Again, I don't know if it's possible, I'm just spitting out idea's. But well done, that's the m
  4. I had to finally sign in here again to voice my concern with controller support. Over the past few updates, there's been a few things gone wrong for us, I never see anyone else complaining, Am I the only one who exclusively uses controllers (Wireless Xbox360)? The first thing I noticed a couple patches back, I can no longer sort my gear in Hero Shop, the 'Y' button (used for setting a price on an item, or when pressed on a folder, would set as ACTIVE for for moving gear into it), no longer works on folders, now it just wants to set price, even when pressed on a folder. The new ability to see a
  5. It would be nice to have a Acc Color changing station in our new tavern, not player custom colors, but some CDT approved colors. I ask because, I've always wanted, but have yet to EVER see... a RED Santa hat (Really?!?!?!), I only ever see fugly colors! Add a Nightmare+ difficulty for original campaign (Deeper Well to Glitterhelm Caverns). Boost difficulty to Ember levels. Add random rewards upon completion (like most newer maps have). Also, a little tiny bug fix, Update 3 created a little bug in the player shop while using a controller. I can't move stuff into folders anymore, I press Y
  6. Anything to make the App more useful is a good change, I like it all. I'm not a fan of the gas and fire trap size, 4k range and they're still so tiny, I feel like I'm on Xbox again. Spike traps should be strong, but maybe dial it back a little tiny bit, but I love them though. I still had issues where Djinn don't trigger spike traps, tested on Deeper Well, I would guide the Djinn all over the map, but they only died if another enemy triggered it. I'm cool with the Buff beam either way. Barely notice a difference.
  7. I'll take 60 runs, in however many sessions you need.
  8. I'm in. Now I have to farm lab for more ++'s. :S
  9. Hmm, I don't think Armor needs much work (You could make Mythical armor not so stupid with run speed and casting rate), If the CDT is looking to make changes in the near future, I'd totally be up for a new Armor Quality... I know, i know... not another one. This new (lets call it, Heavenly) armor can only be obtained in Nightmare+ (yeah, new difficulty), It's a lot like Ultimate, but can spawn with better stats and comes with a 50% bonus, and each piece of "Heavenly" armor you wear increases your movement speed by 5%. "Heavenly" armor will NOT spawn with run speed, once you equip 1 piece of th
  10. I totally forgot about this, I never did run it. My bad.. :S Congrats, Mkjo! 
  11. Strength Drain is pretty useless on console, unless you want to protect some walls, they don't strip resistances.
  12. The problem is that Lab is the ONLY place where we can get good acc's from, it's cruel that I can play KG NMHCMM wave 26+, and can't even get a godly acc to drop. Yeah, it's been known for a while that Lab makes progression easy when going from insane to NM. Patching Lab to make EV's to smart to jump off the edge, that would annoy 98% of the people who play it, of course. I think it's too late to implement such improvements, or to early to some. First, they should concentrate on making lab loot (armor, acc's) more obtainable from other places, then maybe look into making Lab actually tough. Th
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