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  1. so i finally got over it and came back! Yay for all the new content they have added since i was gone.
  2. Hang it all. I know its cheap, I was being sarcastic. Guys remember, this is the internet. A video game forum none the less. Don't get too worked up over what I say. I have been doing some thinking and have decided to just stop playing video games. The money on this game was not to much, but the time I invest was ridiculous. I need to put my time and money into things that have a physical product at the end. If I like video games maybe I should make one. I also have some story ideas I should type up. I could always use more practice on my guitar, banjo, ukulele, accordion and the myriad of oth
  3. Cheating is only acceptable when the game has its own built in functions to allow you to cheat. Hence, why using DDDK to give yourself items and playing super EXP/mana maps on open is okay, but hacking isnt. I agree wholeheartedly. I used [redacted] and got caught. I was foolsih and deserve what I got. Going clean from now on. Gonna eventually buy the content again. Pull some extra shifts and wait for a sale most likely. I got into this game because of the holiday sale. Sorry for my evil ways. Really I have learned my lesson.
  4. Your use of even murderers can get parole so I deserve a cookie with a big giant Second Chance Fortune in it should be on the next Saturday Night REALLY! with Seth Meyers skit. Rediculous and in my book it is unforgivable. This is the world of zeros and ones and not the real world. Hacking / cheating in gaming is near the pinnacle of no-nos on the gaming sin list. IF you were in my clan I would ban you from it. You dont deserve forgiveness. You deserve evil GLaDOS dreams. BUT i am biased. Hackers modders cheaters have ruined the majority online mulitplayer games I loved and quit play
  5. Yes. Yes it is. Lewlz well I sent in a ticket begging for a death row pardon. I told them I would record someone punching me in the face and post it to youtube if it would make a difference. Actually if some people would just gift me copies of the game and dlc to a new account i create I would record several punches to my face! This is desperation here. Am I in the bargaining phase of grief?
  6. Ah looking back I was kind of whining and throwing a fit. I know I was wrong. I accept my punishment. I could argue that I thought "anything goes" in open but alas there is no point. So my only question now is, how can I continue to play a game that I enjoy. I am not rich. I don't have money to buy the game and dlc again. Plus I really can't rationalize buying a bunch of game content twice. Its just not smart money handling. Please continue to insult me and turn your noses up at my foolish cheating ways. I deserve it. I just wish I could be given a second chance. What if the VAC ban worked mor
  7. Yeah maybe its just time to play something else. I checked out the gamespy online play and it sucks. So long Dundef, you are a pretty cool game but alas I don't feel like buying something twice. I have learned my lesson and will not mod again, but its still a bit silly. I mean steam could have sent me a warning email first. I might just abandon steam altogether. I'm not throwing a fit, just pointing out that a hacker that is paying, is still a paying customer, and the customer is always right.
  8. Yeah so funny story. I didn't pay attention to the rules of steam, and now I am VAC banned. I left a bad program open while playing in open (not even ranked). So I was planning on spending more money on this game but, it's not likely now that I can't play online. I never used the modded items until after I had beaten the game and most of the achievements, but now I feel like an idiot. So anyone out there thinking of modding your stuff, head this warning. Don't run memory accessing programs when playing online. Yeah again that is probably a no brainer. Is there a work around to play online? Thr
  9. couldn't help myself :P Picture link fail. What was it?
  10. So is this for online play altogether? The "play online" button is totally grayed out for me.
  11. So call me an idiot, but if trendy net is down, does that make the whole online play button in Dungeon defenders disabled?
  12. so any idea when it will be back up?
  13. Barb was kind of a let down for me. I like Apprentice. His towers kick butt and he is quick. Second fav is squire.
  14. Huntress: Amy Pond Apprentice: The 11th doctor Squire: The centurion (Rory Williams) Monk: The 9th doctor The mission is all within the Tardis. You must save the Tardis from monsters flooding in. Each wave causes the ship to jump somewhere in time. The monsters that spawn in every wave have era specific garb. Or each monster is an enemy from the show. I'd love to mow down some Dahlek. The final boss is early River Song? Maybe? The final prizes are weapons that resemble the doctors sonic screw drivers. The skins of course And K-9 as a pet.
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