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  1. I wonder which one IceArrow chose? probally not Legend of Zelda.
  2. Simple fix, in front of the thread title put [xbox] or [PS3] That would be much easier. If one person starts doing it others will fallow, i promise, i have seen it done on here before. Yeah but alot of people dont do it, it should be a requirement.
  3. But...but I love the kobolds!
  4. They still need to split trading and grouping so we dont get excited over a trade on the wrong systems.
  5. I kick everyone because they are all modders
  6. Can you help save the kobolds?
  7. Im happy that Ive donated my hamster to the Kobold Foundation. Good to see that he is used to show some love to the poor kobolds. I still have that hamster
  8. The hamster has to kill them, but really is giving them love and sending them to a better place.
  9. The events have been called off, we will be starting new events under the name Kobold Foundation
  10. Our events were a bad idea from the start /closed
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