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  1. Here's mine. I died 28 times during the fight :/
  2. I honestly think they do need to slow down on the changes. Like new level tiers every month, I'm so behind.
  3. I always get more eggs than accessories in a game.
  4. I think I just went up to wave 26 in NM HC Aquanos and I only got 2 shields, so it's completely random yeah.
  5. I don't think Trans can go that high as far as upgrades are concerned. I may be mistaken. If I am, then I imagine that it is legit. I was about to say
  6. I'm currently running Insane Aquanos to get familiar with the level more, and basically the title says it all.
  7. I saw a guy selling something on the forums earlier though, he had like 2khp/2kdamage/1.5krange/2krate and 1.5k in hero hp He barely had any upgrades to his armour I think his highest was 50
  8. Recently I've been seeing a lot of armour with builder stats like: 2k/2k+/1k+/2k With mythical gear Some people also have gear that has like all the same resists (like all 49% or all 39%) And I keep seeing it everywhere Is this even possible?
  9. Weapons that start at at least 1m to the tavern should hit 200m worth around 140^, but I don't know about hitting 400m.
  10. It might help if you put an ensnare or a strength drain aura, and just spam repairs.
  11. I agree with the fire traps, I can barely see anything when I have those out.
  12. No i was stocking armour in my shop and then all of a sudden everything decided to be rebellious and bombed the folders i guess.
  13. I had a ton of folders organizing everything, such as shop > weapons > apprentice Like all the cool people do. And here I am just chillin in my shop And the weapons folder just disappears. And i was like seriously man? But the weapons didn't disappear, they're just like all over the first page Does anyone know why this happened?
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