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  1. Oh well, guess i'll go back to playing minimum of DD2 and just do quests. What annoys me about this is the amount of time wasted to do the other 2 objectives and the fact that my SSD died late May, i was planning on finishing off the quest in the last 5-6 days of may but nope, couldn't do that without my pc working. When it was working again, i had to reinstall alot of stuff, software that i use, games and whatnot. I installed DD2 overnight along with many other games, then i had an update to do when i got back to it the next day, did the update, started playing asap, then this happens. Soun
  2. It doesn't work like that though, they have to patch the game to remove it from what i understand, this recent patch was minor and didn't include the removal, the large one comes day 7 and will remove the montly quests in exchange for weeklies. In the previous months, they have gone as far as removing the monthly quest like day 5 of a month and if i'm not mistaking in february the monthly went for longer than a month, it usually goes for a couple of days after a new month starts since it's logical that it should work like that since it requires patching and patches don't always come day 1 of e
  3. According to this: http://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791434161031/announcements/detail/598230515603148784 Monthlies are going to become weeklies in june 7th, today is june 2th, the latest patch says nothing about changing it yet so my guess is that the monthly would go as far as the day 7. Not only this, but like i said, the moment i finished my 3rd daily, the monthly just vanished from the journal. I'm hoping this is a display bug of sorts and that the monthly returns in the next daily reset. If it doesn't , i want a dev response on this, basically it would be a time waste to put effort
  4. Basically what title says, been the last 10 days away from steam due to my SSD pretty much dieing on me. Bought a new one, made a fresh install on everything, including OS. I decided to get ingame to finish off my monthly quest since i only needed to do 80k slowdown enemies to finish it. I got ingame, started doing dailies while doing the slowdown counter for the monthly quest, when i finished my 3rd daily (win 4 maps), my monthly quest vanished and now my quest journal is empty, the middle tab in quest journal is telling me to complete the storyline to unlock monthly quests... I finished i
  5. Add weekly quests that use a spinning wheel similiar to the carnival map, you get 1 spin upon completing a random weekly quest (can't be rerolled). Rewards would be legendary top tier items for your current IPWR (eg: current ipwr on character is 551, so you get a legendary with ipwr from 551-600 with stats based on the character that spins the wheel). Add a small chance at getting a small amount of gems from the spin and a rare chance at getting double the amount (eg: 50 -> 100). Add some other random item rewards like boosters and whatnot. Legendaries and gem rewards should be rarest drop
  6. Question here is, did Trendy actually bother to contact steam and fix this? Or Steam is acting like the way you said. I do believe trendy still hasn't addressed the problem with steam, it's not a big deal, nor is it a time consuming deal. More than likely that trendy is ignoring this and focusing on other things, even the support are being that stupid lately. So that's my guess as to why it hasn't been fixed yet. I know that people are working behind the scenes, thing is, it's a really bad move not to get things done properly and as soon as possible. Such small issue still not fixed a
  7. Yeah, i would also like to know that. Even though it's a fix for us, i don't want to risk my account over something that seems to not be legit for steam's terms & agreement. So having a fix for the dlc would be amazing! Anytime now... In before they fix it after the 2 week period and the fix involves removing the dlc from everyone on steam store, meaning we lost the 2 week promotion. Hurry up and fix your stuff Trendy/Steam, it has been a week and still no fix for such small issue!
  8. We/Him tried all possible solutions for the problem, it's a problem on trendy's end, not his. They have to rollback his savegame to a previous date so he can play again. I'm going to tell him to send an email again to that address, i do hope you guys do your job this time. It's kinda stupid that i had to do the research in the field and i'm not the one getting paid for it.
  9. Hello, i'm speaking on behalf of a friend of mine, who suddently got his DD messed up and can't join the ranked side of the game anymore (no he isn't banned). I've been tagging along with this issue of his since the start, he pretty much told me everything that he discussed with the support team about this situation, after a small pile of emails asking about what's going on with his game and how he could fix it, support ends the discussion with a simple "Your computer doesn't support DD". Now let's check on a few extra details here, so basically: -my friend played nearly 400 hours on DD W
  10. You either wait for a fix or try contacting steam support to remove the new dlc from your account, and try again. You are not guaranteed to make it work next time, so i would wait on the fix instead, as boring as it sounds, it's the only solution for us.
  11. Yes it is broken for me, i let DD update on steam, i went to the steam page for the new dlc, clicked on install button, it was made with success. I get in-game, i go check the new maps/challenges, instead of having the button to start the map on my server i have the "get" button, and when i click it, it redirects me to the holiday steam extravangaza dlc, which i already bought ages ago. I verified my files, game redownloaded 3 files, tried again, still no fix. I want to play this new dlc, but as you can see, i can't start the damn thing because: A) It's broken beyond repair B) St
  12. i use shock beams over EV walls and protons anyday, i stack them with auras and put them in front of minion walls, it's usually enough to kill strugglers. Protons are only effective if the enemy stops on top of them, but it really only adds damage in the end, while shock provides damage and stun. EDIT: Oh and, lightning towers are probably more usefull than MM, more dps, massive range, chain effect, slows down enemies.
  13. Probably a custom map or inside a wall/box secret (not likely).
  14. here's some useless towers for you: dark trap (bc its single target, so useless) ethereal trap (same as dark) enrage aura (gas trap does the job, costs less DU and lasts longer) spinning blade trap (waste of DU, bouncer does the trick, even though is also useless now) any type of walls (excluding minion and reflects) assassins (useless, unless you want to have some fun being a puppetmaster) proton beams (useless, i rather use shock beams) ethereal cannon (too slow to provide any usefullness, unless there was a map with just walls forming a maze)
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