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  1. You need a special soul focuser & know exactly where to stand to shoot the crystals. It was actually someone that came in my lobby that did this time. Due to forum rules, I can't explain it. Its up to you guys to find how i did it. :pYou dont need the focuser "glitch" to do it that quick :)
  2. See everyone. Hit knows whats up. We're just talking about banning the trading of event items on the forums. Not getting rid of the ability to trade in game. This would just create a different place where people could trade the items which would push the problem elsewhere. I think it's a point in the right direction but obviously it's not a complete solution. I'm for the banning but I don't trade so really it's a moot point for me.Perfecto :)
  3. You don't think that if trendy wanted to. those items would lock soon as they left event host hands. C'mon Think!You realize that the items change hands twice or 3 times before they're given to us right? If theres a way to program that into the items then I would love to know how. And if ur right think about it, Lets say a host finds out he/she isnt able to host that day but they already have the items, Then they would have to give them to another host to take over their list so after they leave the hosts hands they are now all locked in another hosts item box.
  4. never taught of that be its still mine and i should have the choice to do what i please with itWell you could still trade it or whatever else just not on the forums.
  5. no if i earn an event item i should be able to do what i want with even if that means drop into lava on glitterhelm its mineIll say this again, How would the host give us the item if it locks in ur item box?? C'mon people THINK...
  6. Event pets are the only thing worth trading, why take it away. Would you rather force us to have to keep them like those god Forsaken chickens. Always stuck in your inventory taking up space. If I had the chance I'd throw mine into the lava at glitter helm to destroy that evil creature for good. We should be able to do what we want with them, after all we earned them. One way or Another. I think the real question is what can trendy do to make trading more secure and safer. Run a poll on that!He means to just ban them from being traded on the forums I believe, Not to have them loc
  7. I think it would be a good idea. And this wouldnt stop people from trading them in general but it would stop it on the forums which means you would have to trade with people you know. Alot of people already do it this way but it would help the ones that dont and get duped items left and right. Just my opinion no haters :P
  8. Say whaaaat? Holy shnikies... You're right!I had to click on it xD
  9. Anyone notice Tulans banned now o_O
  10. I'm passing this along to the team.Cool. Good work GOW!
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