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  1. Hey guys! I am coming back to the forums after a longtime hiatus! I'm here to complete my full set of all the event items. Currently I am missing 4. 3 of them being the ones listed in the title (Terra's Malachite Brooche Minish Hat Power Gauntlets) and the last one being the almighty Arm Guards of Fire (Aero plz). I don't really have much to offer other than some event items I have multiples of Bling! Bling! Bracers, and the Fearsome Trainer Mask. I guess I am also trying to sell these items or just do a one of one trade. I also can offer up my body. This will be an on going post and I w
  2. Neat! Glad you enjoy it! Keep sharing everyone!
  3. Wow thanks for all the interesting replies! Totally forgot about this post! Was going to reply to everyone but don't want to fill this thread with spam! Let's keep the getting to know you going!
  4. How is everyone on this fine day in April. Let's play a game! Share 1 or 2 interesting facts about your self and if you have played the FIRST Dungeon Defenders before (if you have let me know how much!) and finally the one thing you want most in Dungeon Defenders 2. I will start us off! Interesting Fact #1 - I play the piano and guitar! Interesting Fact #2 - I make videos and put them on the internet Yes I have played DD1 before. 1100+ hours and counting I would love to see limited edition costumes and weapons etc. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Hello everyone! I was wondering what people thought of me. Like do you think I'm funny, nice, mean, ect. I know I haven't been around that much the past 2 or 3 weeks but I will be back soon! It would also be cool to see what the Trendy Peeps think about me too. :D Oh yeah... Would also be could if you guys could give me any recommendations for my Youtube channel :3 Thanks <3 Edit: Title Typo - Now I look like a dumb
  6. hueheuheuheuehueheuheuheuehueheuheueheuheuehue
  7. Count me in! ill be streaming the whole thing once we get started!
  8. I would offer deforestations.... but it isn't red, disappointing D: better luck next time mate ;)
  9. oops lol turns out poisons are worth less than lightnings my b plz let this fall or get deleted.... I was looking at an old pricing list
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