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  1. It's a shame they can't be replaced, and I had thought as much when it happened. I didn't take them, though. We were in the Tavern of a 3rd friend who was AFK, bored, testing gear. Kinda ruined the night having things disappear.
  2. Armour stats are same as all other characters, really Resistances (I use Deeper Well on Nightmare to show me exactly what my Nightmare resistances are currently at) Damage, Health, and your abilities (you prefer a2 to a1, like most other characters as well) also, 100 speed is the max so make sure you have enough of that, cast rate isn't as important on a Jester as it is on other characters, once you hit around 800 it gets stupidly quick, and 1200-1700 feels about as fast as it's ever going to get (you almost never put the points into this yourself though, Damage, Health and your main ability
  3. My Computer has been doing this as well recently, for me it's the GFX card crashing, hope that isn't the same for you!
  4. I think it gives the speed stat so that it always gives all 4 towers stats (similar to how Giraffes do) and a +460 boost to speed should (in theory) negate any negatives people may have built up with some badly rolled armour
  5. I will "rageamok" think it's only me and it's /rageamok too so that's easy, now I just gotta remember where Portal 2 is...
  6. that would be a insane amount of memory being tied up this!! and as nice as I think it would be, I don't think it's going to happen
  7. Collection is absolutely everything, previously didn't have Anniversary or Jester DLC, but it does now!
  8. have you done it with the original heroes and not the counterpart or new heroes? figured you had but was worth a shot askin
  9. it's Wave 25 on Cliffs as well, not sure how many waves there are, but you only have to reach wave 25 :)
  10. this works fine for anyone that's not in the same slot as the person you're switching to (first person on the first page to first person on the second) if you want to move that person just move them to a different player slot first :)
  11. for Ultimate Defender you need every single achievement that was added before it in the game (which is simply every one above it on your steam list) including Legendary Defender, which is every achievement above that one, chances are you're missing one of the 80 or so you actually need for Ultimate Defender, but if steam says you have them all there's another thing you can try to do to fix it :)
  12. I'd much rather NOT have something exclusive, that would be horrible for any new player coming into the game, getting a hero for free or something, maybe, but not anything exclusive, no
  13. what definitely looked like a Huntress had Arrows when she's sitting with the Monk, so looks like she might go back to just bows? that looked like a Witch to me, so maybe the Huntress Witch skin is being fleshed out to a new character and we're going to see that one use guns? :) Theorising here, but I love to think so I'll sit here and think about what everything could be
  14. Santa and Tavern Keep are about the same speed, and a fair bit slower than the Normal Barb, but with more health, and better damage (which the Tavern Keep has better over the Santa) the Amazon is faster than the Normal Barb but has a little less health (in line with the standard scaling of speed/health on male/female characters) I myself use the "Warrior" skin, simply because I like the way it looks :)
  15. Seahorse, all the Way, and then maybe the Monkey the Monk's Damage Scaling makes him the perfect character to have a DPS pet on, and I don't see why people would want to have things like a Cat or Genie on a Monk >< let someone else hold the Cat, you're already a team player with Hero Boost
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