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  1. kinda odd i have over 200 games played on 2 different ps3s...and only have freezing issues with THIS game. take that back...the other game that froze constantly was Homefront, that pos game actually was patched to fix freezing. guess what? the patch fixed the freezing and it wasnt my system sooo.....
  2. which weapon do you use? 65^ QI...it has around 4500 base dmg. that with my mentor dominates!
  3. thanks for being a great host tito...had a blast with the event.
  4. lol add me...what do you have left?
  5. I dont see the problem here. If your picking up 500 mana tokens,chances are theres plenty of mana around to keep you going. But the man makes a good point,wasting a 500 token when a 10 mana token would have filled you up it unfortunate. lol when i was typing this thread i couldnt stop laughing...didnt know it would be taken so seriously. now that i read it again i do come off somewhat angry, but it was all in good fun.
  6. The change is automatically donated to the orfanato of goblin's kids. lol guess as long as its put to good use
  7. Trendy owes me so much mana its not even funny! if i have 1500 mana and run through a 500 blue...it gives me 80 mana cause thats my charachters max. well where in the hell is my 420 in change? it should drop behind me to grab later in the build phase...no? or add to my main bank. whenever i get below 200,000,000 mana...just auto fill me back up trendy and well call it even. thanks
  8. I never tried with a flamethrower type weapon, but i heard that he doesnt respawn while you hit him. dont know about that...i blasted him with flamethrower from glitter insane and he was all over the map.
  9. not sure of a fix...but my buddy unlocked the in game achivement for assault. the actual psn trophy popped up 45 mins later playing another challenge. wow it seems this game is just getting screwier.
  10. wow...i really wonder what its like to beat this damn boss! my 7th time getting to the end and my 7th time freezing wtf. i see no rhyme or reason, solo, 2 players or 4 players. ive had it freeze on me every which way. maybe someday my game will function.
  11. yea i freeze evrytime before the boss with 3 or 4 people...pretty lame!
  12. thank you for another great event, especially our host that made it smooth sailing. Ambusher i believe lol its been 8hrs my memory is shot. thank again:apprentice:
  13. very nice weapon, thank you very much for the event!:monk:
  14. same here bud, seriously running outta time. if we were on list and cant make it...were out of luck? i might have another hr. i can wait. just wondering.
  15. is this a good thing? is the event behind schedule now?
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