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  1. Lol. I knew someone was going to post that sooner or later. Hey Laura. :D How have you and everyone else at Trendy been? When is that possible patch (at least I think its a possible patch since there is a thread wanting to know what we want fixed) for PC coming out? Does it even exist? lol. Everyone here has been really busy but doing great. We're excited about the upcoming stuff. As for the patch, we're seeing what we can do about the suggested changes. We'll be sure to let you and the community know when we got more info.
  2. So if I copy&paste the files into the reinstalled DD my open chars should be back? And I usually play ranked, 125/130 hrs are there. I don't use steam cloud, so will that make any effect (it kept closing in the middle of games to sync) EDIT: Nvm at, i verified tha game cache and 7 things were missing. Works fine now and everything is there! Very happy this forum and almost hope I have an issue so I can come back You don't have to have an issue to come back. :) As lummywolf put it: You're welcome back anytime :)
  3. Where it's at by Beck What it's like by Everlast
  4. Sonic and The Black Knight Haha! The fun hath been doubled! Call of Duty: Black Ops
  5. Teasing Is Totaly, Like, Enjoyable E X A M S Haha! The fun hath been doubled! Even Xavier Ate Meaty Sandwiches. J E A N
  6. When was this? Why am I supposed to mention that? What did you think I was going to do? Who is going to stop me? Where do you think I can get some good steak right now?
  7. Mint I thought you were joking about the 50pc. Sorry. O...M...G THIS EXISTS!?! HOW DID I NOT KNOW??
  8. In alphabetical order, list things you would not like to find in your living room. That being said, I'll start with A - next person B - C - D - Etc Alligator
  9. Hey Bunny. Sorry about that. I ran out of keys and had to have more made. You are now a Defense Councillor and if you check your inbox you'll find your key.
  10. Hey Starfox! Happy to see you here! It's been a bit busy but I've been fine. How was school? The PS3 is kinda dead because GameSpy Servers are Shutting down on the 30th. *sad music and sad face* That sucks a lot... That's pretty much how we felt. Don't worry about being off the grid, you had school and stuff to focus on. :)
  11. Possibly LaurawantsaCow adores yogurt. S A M B A Sometimes Anna's Mom Believes Anything. T I T L E
  12. Champions Of Norrath Tales of Symphonia
  13. Gorod - Carved In The Wind Where is the love? by The Black Eyed Peas
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