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  1. I like the part where you skipped everything and made up a story then proceed to laugh about it. Spoiler: No one claimed that he had perfect 250^s or that it can drop. And accidental troll of the year award goes to.. I know that I said that I was out, but having this brainiac take a swing at old papa dog is just hilarious and made my day. My guilt? Of being better than you? Heck, you can't even make coherent sentences. And your reasoning is just plain awful. Yeah you are most definitively the guy who will make me see "the error of my ways" ^^. I'm shaking kid, honestly! (lol)
  2. What?! You are the one making the claims without any proof, you can't then whine at the people trying to explain and point to evidence for being unreasonable. That is just not how this works. It's not that I wouldn't want to be wrong, heck if a dev came in here right now and said "The gear he talks about is impossible" then I would be the first guy to admit that I'm wrong and that the op clearly got hacked gear. I'm out. You can take it as me admitting to "defeat" or what ever, but this is just a tremendous waste of time. I have seen items like what the op is talking about drop. Why the he
  3. sure you can do it the same way you "dropped" them :) /\ that
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