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  1. Okay, so yesterday I traded a 214^ Kryt for 4 1 bil mana tokens and when the trade completed my kryt was gone (as expected) but the 4 bil mana tokens were gone!?
  2. Like small and humungous eggs or tge turtle Easter egg :D
  3. I have a ~140k e spear, how much w ould that go for? I can get a pic when I get off work.
  4. I hope they bring the easter event back, I want dat costume :D
  5. I've been wanting to do CD NM for quite a while now, if anyone is interested just post below :D
  6. Just wondering because I want to see more of that new map :P
  7. Have fun on the other side, I am buying the steam version when I get my paycheck. Xbox is infested with hackers...
  8. Actually i do. My bank account is downright scary. I have sneakers that are worth more than your life, but thanks for asking! thanks for your time and your money's on the dresser. I would love to see that "downright scary bank account" And you cant put a price on life, you are just trying to sound like an ***.
  9. I was literally just about to make a new thread about all the whining, but I see you beat me to it :P Why can't everyone be happy with what they have? Oh wait, they will always act like they deserve patches for a game they don't have the money for... SPOILED KIDS. /Digress
  10. Come on man, the game is just getting good!
  11. Something tells me they know. I'll be moving on to Max Payne/Diablo 3 in a couple of days anyhow. Trendy neglectful attitude towards console players is downright disgusting. thanks for your time and your money's annoying. Do you have $10,000 to throw around for a less dominant platform? If you are just going to complain, please just go.
  12. It May take forever now, but I think once we get nightmare mode... It will be so.much easier to level up.... Only thing is, the consoles can hardly handle some maps on insane... How the hell will we be able ti play insane with out freezing or lag? I mean they r fixing the morrago problem in the new patch on the 15th... But still.. The new difficulty wont necessarily mean more monsters, it will most likely be just more health, etc..
  13. Can I ask why we have to choose?
  14. Its not going to happen but why not?
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