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  1. I thought this game was dead, didn't they move on to dd2?
  2. id guess the best gear is on this map after wave 25, because its usually what i get stuck on but i've never found anything higher than regular ult before
  3. how'd you guys even get 6k stats, i have like half supreme and half ulti gear and my stats are mid 4k
  4. i keep getting destroyed by djinn even with gas traps
  5. thanks, i sent them an email, hope to get a reply
  6. I was banned from ranked for some reason about a year ago, not really sure why, and i would like to start playing again. when this forum was a bit different there was a place to contact the developer, but i can't find it anymore, is there any way for me to get unbanned from ranked play?
  7. Do you even lift? Do you even yoloswag
  8. Andy


    Who the hell is omnix. Someone catch me up
  9. Wait, where are the alleged mac fixes? D: Why would you ever use a mac for gaming?
  10. Email Trendy @ I believe [email]lostheros@trendyent.com[/email]
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