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  1. New level increases means new filter limits are needed in the Game Search window. Currently, we can't filter for anything higher than level 90 on the Host Level option.
  2. Well you are obviously lvl 78 if you are going to use a trans weapon. Dont pick up a weapon off the floor, farm for them. I would have to say the best weapon in the game is a Monk Wrench, it has high melee speed, and the damage scaling for ranged is massive. I have a 250^ one and it has 40,000 ranged damage. BTW if you didnt know-you get this weapon off of sky city. And if you can't beat Sky City campaign on Nightmare, do it on Insane and you can still have a chance of getting a really nice wrench. Same goes for Volcanic Eruption by the way. Do it on Insane if you can't yet beat it on NM.
  3. I stated in my original post that I have attempted these maps solo and with groups. Except for sky, I can beat them on NM, just not on NM MM yet. I also never said that CD should be "soloable". You're still missing the point, though. The main point is that there is a massive jump in the time required to progress up to roughly 3k stats and the time to get beyond that point. The change is so drastic that it qualifies as broken in my opinion. Even if I could beat every survival map on NM MM HC mode, I'd still be forced to spend hundreds of hours just to get one complete set of 4-5k stat
  4. So I have to ask when was 2.5-3k not endgame gear? My dps have about 2-2.3k. My best builders have 2.5k, my EV has more. I **can** beat everything on NMHC except shards map bosses and sky city survival(have not came up with a good build for it). I am not able to do alot of mixed mode maps with my own build. But I can beat every original map on NM and all the shards maps on NM (I have lots of trouble with kracken). I can do everychallange but volcanic eruption and boss rush on NMHC. I think 2.5k is end game gear. Yes you can get 4k gear but it takes alot of grinding to do it. I also beli
  5. Back on topic: If you're at 3k then idk what you're expecting. Im currently at 3k too but when I was still hovering around the 2k mark, I did Aqua survival and better armor was dropping like candy. Once you reach the 3k mark you have to accept that better gear will be hard to come by simply because you start closing in on the absolute top end of the gear chain. I picture progress as a pyramid and as you get closer to the top, the amount of potential gear that can be considered as upgrades get smaller and smaller. People using the argument that C.Dimension cannot be soloed as proof that loot
  6. The thing is, this "endless grinding" goes far beyond what you actually need to beat literally everything in the game. It's simply not required of you to attain those super rare drops to win. So you can clear Nightmare HC Crystalline Dimension to get those achievements with using mid-level mythical gear?...
  7. With every new DLC that ups the maximum potential stats of armor and weapons that can drop, it seems to be skewing the ratio of time invested vs reward in the wrong direction (with the exception of the Sky City campaign rewards weapons). I'm not end-game geared, but I'm also not a noob. My gear falls pretty solid in the mid to high range on my builders and DPS. I have most of my builders with 2.5 - 3k in the primary stats and my DPS characters have 2-2.5k in HPs and Dmg with 90 phys resist and around 80% in the elementals. On top of that, I'm a decently skilled player. I have all of
  8. In the Game Search Filters window, if you select the option for "Filter Host Hero Level", the End Range stops at 80. It needs to be updated to the new cap of 90. Before you changed the game filtering to server side, it wasn't a big deal to visually scan the small list of games and mentally ignore the level 50s trying to run NM HC Aquanos. Now that the game searches return multiple pages, there is a lot more *noise* that needs to be filtered out by level if possible. While you're at it, could you decrease the minimum difference between the start and end ranges from 10 to 5 pretty please?
  9. No the skeletons do not hit like freight trains and they haven't changed in quite a long time. On wave 25 Aquanos NM, they swing at defenses for an insanely high damage of 133. In terms of players they do about 1030 damage on someone with 14% resists (while in the map). At 70% resists (while in the map) they hit for 360. Most likely something else was hitting you or a lot more was hitting you that you just didn't notice. Fair enough. For the record though, I'm a cynic by nature especially towards "ever since..." things like I posted. I noticed the skeleton thing a week or two ago and w
  10. skellingtons have always hit hard specially in mixed mode savival in late waves 2 skelintons can take down my munk with full 90% res and 200k hp in about 3 seconds if im not carefull Hmm. It could be that I've just never noticed it before. I've been noticing it happening in mid-level survival waves (~15-18) lately. It could just be my imagination, but I've done a fair amount of survival runs and didn't notice the skeletons hitting quite so hard until just recently.
  11. Not sure exactly when it changed, but after one of the recent patches, it seems like skeletons are doing crazy amounts of damage. They're taking down walls fast and doing crazy amounts of damage to my hero (90% physical and 75%+ on the other resists in NM) even while in a strength debuff aura. Anyone know if this is a bug, unannounced tweak, or did I miss a patch note somewhere?
  12. I just received the 7.17c patch. I logged in to test the Squire harpoon tower targetting. The harpoon towers are still unable to hit smaller mobs... I watched a multiple harpoon towers shoot spears directly at (over) a stationary spider for 30 seconds without doing a single point of damage to it. Given that the majority of the reason for the 7.17c patch was to correct the targetting/collision issues with harpoon towers, would it have really been too much to ask a dev to actually log into the test/beta environment and make sure that particular issue was fixed BEFORE the patch was released
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