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  1. Doesn't it downgrade your stats to match the difficulty? If so, the reward should scale to your gear.
  2. The gold you received is the replacement for the spheres. And if you only got 2 million gold, you didn't lose much anyway. Gold is a lot more useful now than it was before the revamp, as well. Because trying to use defender medals to upgrade will greatly limit you from doing other things. As for the skill trees, that's the new Ascension Level system. It starts after you've hit level 50 and the level is global. So, you'll gain XP across the board for it, but invest points individually. Edit: To clarify, when you hit level 1 Ascension, all your max level heroes, now and future, will receive a skill point for one of the trees. And then it rotates which tree you receive points for as you level.
  3. I agree with this and the comment on oil flask. If you press the hotkey, I believe it should immediately deploy the attack. If you want to play with range, perhaps have it work so that alternately, if you hold the hotkey, the range of the attack increases. THis means a quick press throws it a little ways in front of you, a hold increases the distance until you let go (to a reasonable maximum). I'd rather manually aim than hold to approximately aim. Wish it was gonna be a toggle as well, I don't think I've ever used Starfall in melee range. Mostly to bombard a boss from the sky. And unless they are making Rollers weak point bigger, I really don't want a "predetermined" distance for starfall. Which brings me to another thing. Are they moving the damage from Corrupt Starfall to regular Starfall? And buffing Corrupt Starfall even farther? Or are we just losing the Dryad's damage spell? Other than the straight number buffs, can't say I'm that big of a fan of the changes overall. Didn't really get the melee-centric comment, either. I've mostly seen Dryad used as a ranged nuke with a Corrupt Starfall build or as a tank. Haven't really seen many that go for melee dps. And the nukers don't really have much incentive to go into melee range now that melee doesn't improve starfall stack generation.
  4. You don't get stat points during leveling anymore. Ascension levels are a post 50 leveling mechanic.
  5. Nope. The way they are designed, and part of the reason they are indomitable to some and completely ignored by others. Can you confirm that this is intentional? I am intrigued I don't know that it's confirmation, but it shows the healing on them, as in the green number pops out like when anything else is healed.
  6. I´m not sure but It might be a controller issue. I´m on PC but use an Xbox controller, and I experience this too, where I can´t ready up. Also, the controller doesn´t work on the end of match summary so I have to either wait out the countdown and be shipped back to tavern, or disconnect via console command. No problems when using keyboard and mouse though. Nah, there might be another separate controller issue, but "g" nor even tab readyup works when this happens. It seems to be if you join after the initial ready up to activate the mana chests. Though, that might just be a coincidence, I hadn't been paying too much attention at the time.
  7. Well i was not even aware that that was a thing in the past, but i didnt mean that hitting enemies would affect it, but rather that he was not neccesarily really wasting the stars. I cant really say i have experienced the Dryad in the chaos trials, and only really played through a good few of the campaign, trying to experience the hero. But i can understand the fact that if you are build to do damage with them, you would not need use as many, which would then mean using more is wasting. Though i feel like as of now, unless they change their mind, the 50/100 thing should be a still exist, but possibly with an added behaviour, where as during the 1-50 levels, it increases it slowly up to 100%, though this one might take a bit more to get to work right. Or as you hit lvl 50 with Dryad, that you will then just start with all mana. Ah, previously you could hit enemies to gain stars. Every 5 hits would give you a starfall stack. I think they also passively generated at like one every 15 seconds or something. They recently changed it to 1 every 5 seconds and you can't generate them with attacks anymore. But, you'd still need to "waste" those stars to get the mana in order to hit things with them if you joined mid match. Because even with the shards to reduce it, corrupt form+corrupt starfall will still chew your mana pool up. Yeah, I'm using an AP build with the damage shard and support shards to reduce costs and stuff, but I still need several stars per boss. Especially if one of them is a Roller. Or if it glitches through the terrain/lands on an upper part of the terrain despite the icon showing on the path. Eh, I could see that. I'd be fine either way. Or even if it was just restored to full in between waves/on revive and only half when you first join.
  8. Hitting targets no longer has any effect on the generation of starfall stacks. Though, my issue is more with bosses spawning all at once, leaving me able to deal with only one or two of them with starfall. :/ Though, if they were just sprinkled throughout the wave they'd be even less threatening. Spawning with max mana, or even having mana restored in between waves would be a nice QoL improvement, however minor.
  9. I put all of them in a titile and they censored all of them too they wouldn't let me do it and made a excuse saying it was "To many characters" This means only one thing, Trendy bought a "censorship" package to insure non offense words would be used for hero creation, this is most likely a common way of handling such issues. I always doubted that trendy would have some member of staff manually banning words/names, so its all making sense to me now :) Try Lucifer or Mephisto. ps before anyone starts thinking im a religious zealot, i am not far from it! I just find aspects of theology very interesting from a historical perspective and like an odd Christmas choral. I would class myself as atheist, though classing yourself as the "anti position" of a position you are not is kind of silly.. so maybe I would say im a "realist" or "naturalist" without the nakedness :D I believe from their wording that they tried to name the game the entire list, and it denied it because the name was too long.
  10. Are there examples of different pieces of gear having a higher gold cost, but lower medal cost of another piece of gear, though? Power Transfer (CT4) - 184k gold/92 medals Defense Rate (CT4) - 201k gold/86 medals
  11. People posting without checking anything again. /Yawn This change was announced after the thread and most of these comments were made. And you aren't even the first in the thread to mention it. By multiple days, even.
  12. Pretty sure Assassins are considered air units. They fly, flamethrowers will never target them (even if they just sit there hitting you in front of them), skyguards do target them, and their icon is a flier.
  13. What? 400k dps with maxed C4 gear is totally gamebreaking ;) ;) (Just not as broken as the 15k single target Lunar Portal was doing, obviously)
  14. I mean, they did nerf Lunar Portal at the same time as Ghostly Halberds. Saying that those were just slipping under the radar because how much better Ghostly Halberds was. But, they did like 15k dmg single target, and couldn't stack, with close to perfect NM4 gear, lol. I'm glad someone else was as confused by the lunar portal nerf as I was. I desperately tried to make those portals work but they were just *** every time I tried. Nerfing them because ghostly halberds was (rightly) over powered? lol what *ahem* don't let the devs know, but the portals stay out for their entire duration even if you switch characters ;) ;) Not broken still, as you'd even need 4 copies of the weapon and still do poor single target dps to 12 enemies :/
  15. Was waiting for that to be the new incursion weapon back when they decided to give us the Mystic knife a month before Mystic ;-;
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