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  1. I don't wanna be salty, i really don't but the game is broken (black screen when launching, session not found notifications and crashes) yet somehow ppl complain about the things that work.. yes, press your luck and panic fire works on the proton beam... well here are some facts, EV2 has 4 large spheres she can equip yet outside those 2 the rest are garbage for a builder. ''but hey, why don't we make the only 2 useful spheres out of 4 useless too? #iamsosmart #muchlogic #wow'' despite being untargettable they are not invulnerable and enemies damage them by standing onto them. (the same l
  2. they happen randomly during the game, already tried verifying cache and reinstalling the game see this
  3. I could be wrong but I do belive if you use the backup storage option where you can move all data from your ps3 to a external harddrive that should do this as well as it will transfer DLC if done on the same system with a different harddrive not sure if you have a external to try this out that is big enough if you do may be worth a shot **Edit** I do understand it is a different ps3 your talking about just thought it may be worth a shot well u can do this for transfer photo or movies u have in the PS3 HDD to an external HDD, but this dont work for games since u can t start a game from an
  4. so here is my problem my slim PS3 has a problem and i can t play any games that uses a Blue ray disk (COD FIFA 12...) so before sending my ps3 to repair i would like to move my DD save from the new PS3 to the old one, and once repaired bring it back again is it possible and how? does i need psn+? sorry for english errors!
  5. 132^ ? i think TE should really fix our pre patch chicken..
  6. i just ran moraggo 8 times and the highest upgrade i got was 40 and i lost on the last wave of war of the djinn with 2 djinns left! :( 8 times? LOL i ve do it over 60 times and my best is only 152 shaitan and 110 occulus..
  7. Ive been working of a few diffrent ways to get items over there that just might get the job done. I'll do some tests with it tonight an see how it goes. Keep your fingers crossed EU players! thanx u i really appreciate your effort!
  8. they really should fix tower rate, and SPS, for example the shaitan can have 16 SPS but it will only fire at 6 SPS...
  9. Here is my ogre HP estimate for Wave 24 with 4 controllers Medium 650K Hard 750K-800K Insane 1M Also if you don't know here's some advice. I'd add 1 player first to see if you can handle it. Every single time I've gone straight to 4 controllers and failed everytime. haha My 5 Harpoon setup is not able to handle ogres with over 500K HP haha on hard on wave 25 with 4 controllers is 1M HP, 2M HP on insane
  10. thanks for the info, start downloading right now
  11. the real question is, why we could join with US after the 1.02 patch and why they removed this with 1.03... too bad that we can t get into events..
  12. When will the 1.03 patch hit EU? For PSN i would like to know this too, if someone ad some info about the EU patch 1.03, plese tell us =)
  13. any info on when EU will receive this patch? (ps3 1.03)
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