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  1. I've done survival medium and hard to wave 14, yet my rocks both dropped with 0 stats. Has anyone got them from medium/hard or do I need to do insane?
  2. Yup, it is all about better gear. Chaos trials are designed to be failed the first few times you do them, so by getting all the way to wave 4 your doing exactly what you need to do. So just keep killing those bosses and you should be clearing it pretty soon(probably within a couple of maps maybe longer depending on how your doing loot).
  3. Yah, I agree that matchmaking feels really wonky right now. Trendy has mentioned that they are working on improving hosting, so hopefully it will be better once those changes come through. At least you don't get kicked out of you game if not everyone hits continue :D, taking steps in the right direction.
  4. Um, I am not really sure where your coming from as ascension doesn't really effect gear, and most of the reason to grind C7 right now is for those sweet sweet high roll legendaries. Juicebags did a 0 asc C7 run to show its not really necessary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScLNDl9n1SA. I agree that something needs to be done with the shards, The two suggestions I have really liked are that they need their own interface with unlimited storage, and you can recycle them to get specific ones.
  5. I haven't found one for stats(probably because its too random to make it worthwhile to get more than sell value), but this one is for the sell value of the items and should give you the same result. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PNFslftU37q0KKEY-2EaxasXFpg2wkGr2kcu8UJ1XqQ/edit#gid=0
  6. 1) cyborks need to be able to hit the center pole to disable flame auras(full disclosure I didn't use FA in c2 so i'm only like 80% sure) 2) I don't think the reflect beams are worth using until you reach c6, but once you get there are amazing. Thankfully moving thing around is really easy so you can just not touch her until you reach c6 3) don't have mystic and so can't really comment 4)marks are amazing once you get 60 ascension to max out tower crit chance up until you get power transfer for medallions 5)re-rolling give you 3 choices, if your seeing the same three choices then that is eithe
  7. From trendy patch notes: And while the reign of the Weapon Manufacturer (and to a lesser extent, the Poison Dart Tower) has been interesting, it’s proven to be too much of a ‘one stop shop’ solution to many Chaos difficulties. As such, we’re making some adjustments to reduce its dominance, with the hopes of seeing diversity increase with these changes plus our numerous defense buffs. so it does seem like its getting a nerf, but it is a bit up in the air as it could be a rework of some kind. In regards to their power, they are only really strong due to the short nature of a trials map. You wou
  8. Trendy has acknowledged that the progression past c4 gets slower the farther up you go, and is in general slow. There should be a fix next patch. I have myself hit a couple of flat line games where I would play 3-4 maps without seeing an upgrade. All I can say is next time I logged in I was getting upgrades like normal.
  9. https://dd2tools.com/calcs/ :D
  10. I would agree only if this is something that can be enabled/disabled(which I think is what you mean) otherwise progression would be a pain.
  11. Oh ok. So, looking at the "main stat" is nearly useless. Looking at sell value is more accurate but still useless. I'll take a look on google to try to find a spreadsheet of how more expensive a better quality item is, so i can compare (for example) a 120 green with a 350 legendary and still know wich of them is better. By having a look at my gear, i can deduce (not accurate of course) that legendaries of equal ipwr are x3 sell value of a greenie relic and x2 on the other pieces, but i'll still take a look on google. Thank you very much. Found the relevant links This one shows max sell val
  12. I'm doing this but somedays i get something that is +100 better on it's main stat but some other days i just get nothing (for example, 2 days playing C3 without any upgrade, then in the next day i got all gear +100-150 in just a single game and now i'm at 2 consec days on C4 without getting upgrades). So, my question is: WHAT is an upgrade? 1. An item that has MORE main stat (for example, 5500 > 5400) even tho it has WORSE quality (for example, the 5500 being green and the 5400 being legendary). 2. An item that has MORE quality (Legendary > Green) even though it has WORSE main stat (5
  13. Ascension doesn't factor into your loot drops, however you might be at the top of the current chaos's loot table, you can use this chart to see if you have reached the max of the chaos you are in. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PNFslftU37q0KKEY-2EaxasXFpg2wkGr2kcu8UJ1XqQ/edit#gid=0 If you aren't at the max then I would suggest reading this to understand how to progress, https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/145586/
  14. Trials is the next step after the campaign, it has seven difficulties that introduce new mobs in each tier which make certain towers difficult or impossible to use. They are also designed to be failed the first few times you try them, as long as you can kill the first boss on wave two you can progress.
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