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  1. even that process is buggy, I like to have TAB as map but when I try and bind that it tab's through the menu - I can see TAB is already bound to something else so they do allow it to be bound...
  2. Yup while it looks 'nicer' it lacks functionality and readability.
  3. Just hearing the name, i was hooked, lol. Got it for PS3, had ordered a brand new gaming rig for BF3 but that hardly got used as I was hooked on DD, but ofc the pull of nm called and I dumped that account and never looked back :) 2k hours of fun & frustration, cheers Trendy (CG^^). I stayed in solo mode for quite a while as a mage only, finally I joined a coop and saw a squire for teh first time - those harps!! Looked so cool. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055128575/
  4. was fun, glad i saw the steam group chat notification :)
  5. Nope. Planning your route to gather mana during the timed build phase is super important to DD.
  6. Hola!! PS3 then onto the far superior PC. Whoop whoop.
  7. I've not had lag, in fact been impressed with the lack of it - when i can join a game that is.... I still hate this relative loot, but nothing can be done. I was a returning player, but can't make a game - i could join the tavern and then do inv clean up - but couldnt move items from bag to bag (have now read auto sort maybe be the demon there). I'm kinda used to it, but for new players - will they come back?!?!?!?! First impressions count, a lot.
  8. With all the issues the pc and then PS4 went through, for YEARS, for someone to decide to launch on xbone with no testing is pretty gobsmaking, even for TE
  9. Super silly question, I'm having real trouble locating where I equip tower skins!!
  10. very fun / event style map for an event!! GJ
  11. Sweet - a proper event (not x2 gold :)) Look forward to it.
  12. Would there be a way to hide our armour when we do public games? Ofc we dont want the script kiddies to have a tool in hiding their nasty wares...
  13. its shards after all, it's not gear... so it's not p2w in any way. it's just as they said once there is 10 chaos and more in the future, it'll be a good way for people to catch up fast, instead of playing every chaos difficulty to collect all the shards. also you get 5 shards pack for buying it ( if i'm not mistaken) instead of 1 pack as you mentioned thought i heard this on my 1 minute on the dev stream. while its not p2w in the sense of being the best, it is paying for better gear. "it'll be a good way for people to catch up fast," - then why have so many fricking number variants for a difficulty!!!!!
  14. cheers guys (CDT). Really happy you've managed to get Talay playing without lag and desync!!!! I did crash out during our run, but hey ho. Had fun while it lasted.
  15. For me the whole concept of upgrades linked to your gear is dumb. It should be linked to map difficulty imho.
  16. i have no use for chaos 3 gear its worse than mine our nm4 gear is equivalent to chaos 4 (or so i think) - the rub is the shards, we dont have the shards.... hopefully loot table will be fixed.
  17. ah man, reading this is getting me down, crazy stat combos from rerolls, noice! :( C'mon servers, let me see my fete!
  18. Wait, what? Gear drops according to existing gear?!?!?!??! Meh, me don't like the sounds of that. Deck rating? I thought the whole ipwr bs was gone?
  19. infinite and essentially infinite and infinitely different things :)
  20. yes, I also noted that there are caps to point allocation :/ Which is fair, I suppose, but they kept saying 'infinite' as if to imply on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on... ** I am pretty excited about the new inventory UI and the other changes, yay for good change!
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