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  1. This is all i want, besides wanting it to be great!!
  2. Hold on there mister - i''m pretty sure ya'll said on stream that steam release would happen
  3. Not to cast dispersions on you, but it saddens that many young gamers may think this way about games.
  4. For PC what launcher(s) do you intend to use? Will you put having no desynch / lag as the central point of your map / difficulty design? Will it be instance based loot? How will trading work?
  5. So in a loot based game you're saying we should all have the same loot...
  6. Seems clear where this is going, though im prob to pessimistic in general. lockquote widgetCheck out @Chromatic_Games’s Tweet:
  7. As the past week has shown, many devs have succumbed to EGS exclusivity for that bountiful fornite / tencent cash. With Chromatic's goal to make DD3 with DDA as their stepping stone - technologically and financially, it is a real concern... Why a concern? Well I wont get into the bs of it all (see r/pcgaming for the communities thoughts on it), Steam has established DD communities, we have our friend lists etc.
  8. I've been saying this for a while! Check my title <-----
  9. The first point i took to mean you had map specific items, but the second point seems to contradict this i.e you can pick the reward you want to get. Interested to find out what exactly you mean!
  10. G ⬆️ Now that's done get to the challenges and massacre!! I also hope this is more about the speed they get added rather than they get omitted.
  11. Now we've had to think on this, I'm wondering what cross saves mean with this in mind - will PC mob count be gimped so console wont lag? Will players platform hop to abuse lower mob count etc etc. Even PC lagged / desynch really bad on DD1 for end game NM maps.
  12. The fan base should expand, the game is was great, people love loot, if they could offer or do play for 10 hours then buy or free weekends then sure people will buy and play. As for us, I know end game is where people like to get to, but the journey to it is often more fun. It feels like a lot of games now cater for super casual players and design reflects this, but there is a market for proper grind (note proper grind) RPG, hopefully we will get that.
  13. Characters / loot transfers are a bad idea imo.
  14. No doubt it is a gap fill / revenue generator for DD3. Realistically DD3 would mean getting external investment - look what happened with DD2... I agree with your sentiments around the long grind and playing for years, unfortunately it seems we'll need to help them get a cash boost to make the game we all want (assuming they really have learned the lessons of DD1, DDE and DD2). How many years will it take to plan and make DD3? A lot I imagine, since a lesson they should've learned is no more early access, no more massive progression changes etc etc.
  15. Yes, it has to be that. That is what cross platform saves implies.
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