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  1. Just hearing the name, i was hooked, lol. Got it for PS3, had ordered a brand new gaming rig for BF3 but that hardly got used as I was hooked on DD, but ofc the pull of nm called and I dumped that account and never looked back :) 2k hours of fun & frustration, cheers Trendy (CG^^). I stayed in solo mode for quite a while as a mage only, finally I joined a coop and saw a squire for teh first time - those harps!! Looked so cool. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055128575/
  2. Re one shot bosses, they have taken a note from the CDT and 'hard coded' damage caps into the game, so no matter how you hack the server won't allow damage over the limit, hopefully something similar exists for attack rate. Seeing as offline play (was foolishly) promised (I think) how can they avoid local save file.
  3. A good point raised above. I never really considered the DDA system to be like using additional controllers! But we do need easier access to all our heroes like DD1 but maybe more than 8 per page (definitely NOT the dd2 flipping desk system!), ofc at least 2 of each, but the xp boost should be limited to 4 heroes.
  4. We've had this idea before and thankfully it has never been implemented.
  5. I'm also locked at 62!! Apart from some loading screens that gonas high as 1800 ( apparently).
  6. I like to play zoomed out, noticed that there is no option to fix camera, so you can no longer move mouse without moving your screen. Ima bit sad about that, will something like that be in final release?
  7. Me to, I can't play non inverted!! If some one does find an ini solution please post, Ty!!
  8. This is it my fellow!!! Please O please, get this right CG!!
  9. This is all i want, besides wanting it to be great!!
  10. Hold on there mister - i''m pretty sure ya'll said on stream that steam release would happen
  11. Not to cast dispersions on you, but it saddens that many young gamers may think this way about games.
  12. For PC what launcher(s) do you intend to use? Will you put having no desynch / lag as the central point of your map / difficulty design? Will it be instance based loot? How will trading work?
  13. So in a loot based game you're saying we should all have the same loot...
  14. Seems clear where this is going, though im prob to pessimistic in general. lockquote widgetCheck out @Chromatic_Games’s Tweet:
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