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  1. Exactly, just be up front with us. #Lockdown is hard on everyone, we just need to know, a little bit of information. Please,
  2. Some kind of auto fire as well plz (don't forget about monk ranged!!)
  3. App staffs can have X5 projectiles, bear that in mind when you make another one. Does your app have cat pet?
  4. He means like in DD1 the weapon size was rng, it was funny having a tiny gun, not so funny having a tiny sword since the hit box was small... I still remember my oversize malificar rapier!
  5. I was looking at the range, lololol. UI overhaul can't come soon TM enough :)
  6. Very good, my preference for the hero select screen is that we can see 10 heroes on a page and be able to assign upto F10 etc, ofc keep the xp limited to 4 heroes that you can select maybe not have to be F1-4. Remove delete when you're in game etc.
  7. Isn't the point that the power level is max (8 points in) but there are 24 out of 24 levels available....?
  8. Tbh, the later the better, they need to review all their data to balance nightmare well, to prevent people reaching the best gear in a week (like has pretty much happened with insane), since they plan no wipe this is pretty important, if they mess it up then they only get one more shot to balance right with massacre. Hopefully the smaller updates keep coming at a steady pace to keep the ball moving.
  9. Turn off rag dolls and damage numbers in game play options, made a noticeable difference for me, still bed frames when mob count is high tho but better with those options off.
  10. Good luck getting the gold to upgrade that!!
  11. It isn't bonus damage, you don't loose X% of your stats if you stay on that builder. Hero DPS is pretty strong even on your tower focused builders, for monk any way. So is making sense to hybrid in some situations.
  12. Soon my friend (looks above). No word on what they drop tho AFAIK, they'd be mad to have set weapons again tho imo
  13. Lol me, I kept thinking the reset options allowed us to respend points. They do not :/ This gear is stepping stone gear anyway, it is very important that when NM drops we aren't already geared to easy clear it.
  14. I'm surprised they didn't patch cats already they trivialise content, yes nm and MSc are coming but that doesn't mean we should have insane proxy nerfed.
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