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  1. There is so much space on screen - we should be able to see all our heroes, ordered how we like including custom order. Then just right click to assign to deck with a symbol to show they are in it. Or click then press the F key you want to use. etc.
  2. 3 - Yes the stats display needs work, I don't want back like in EA tho! They should've tried different iterations during EA but that time has passed, so I kinda wanna see every stat in a static location and then list it as 0 or omit the text (but preserve the positions) so at a glance I can see what I'm looking at because at the moment the comparison is a joke. DD1 had small icons for each stat, not sure we need to go back to that (prob with the size of the switch screen they avoided doing this). If only they weren't so focused on the silly Tool atm.
  3. even that process is buggy, I like to have TAB as map but when I try and bind that it tab's through the menu - I can see TAB is already bound to something else so they do allow it to be bound...
  4. Yup while it looks 'nicer' it lacks functionality and readability.
  5. Just hearing the name, i was hooked, lol. Got it for PS3, had ordered a brand new gaming rig for BF3 but that hardly got used as I was hooked on DD, but ofc the pull of nm called and I dumped that account and never looked back :) 2k hours of fun & frustration, cheers Trendy (CG^^). I stayed in solo mode for quite a while as a mage only, finally I joined a coop and saw a squire for teh first time - those harps!! Looked so cool. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055128575/
  6. was fun, glad i saw the steam group chat notification :)
  7. Nope. Planning your route to gather mana during the timed build phase is super important to DD.
  8. Hola!! PS3 then onto the far superior PC. Whoop whoop.
  9. I've not had lag, in fact been impressed with the lack of it - when i can join a game that is.... I still hate this relative loot, but nothing can be done. I was a returning player, but can't make a game - i could join the tavern and then do inv clean up - but couldnt move items from bag to bag (have now read auto sort maybe be the demon there). I'm kinda used to it, but for new players - will they come back?!?!?!?! First impressions count, a lot.
  10. With all the issues the pc and then PS4 went through, for YEARS, for someone to decide to launch on xbone with no testing is pretty gobsmaking, even for TE
  11. Super silly question, I'm having real trouble locating where I equip tower skins!!
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