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  1. you gotta work it real slow and then start to pick up the pace.
  2. well did we not get the last patch for ps3 and xbox missed it?? Its pretty obvious ps3 can get the update before xbox cuz microsoft is retarded. So yeh half you guys just blabble BS constantly.
  3. this is a terrible thread, pointless. Why would you not wanna level to 83??
  4. well the new level cap and whatnot will hopefully mke the event pets paper weights. Itll be interesting to see people with 90+ upgrade laser robots after beating survival
  5. ^but most of them are. FACT
  6. pretty simple fix. either dont trade or backup your own save file before you make the trade. Its the only way to go anymore. Anybody who thinks thats a bad thing to do, owell.... its what you have to do now. No worries if the traded item dissapears reload your file to get your old itme back. Now guess what? the guy you traded to no longer has a legit trade either. Its a never ending cycle on ps3. Ide say 90% of any trade made is most likely duped anyway. Especially high level moraggo weapons.
  7. I think they were referring to xbox cuz they didnt get the last patch.
  8. It sucks cuz apprentice vanilla weaps will not be good even if one has 50 more ups than a maraggo one.
  9. Pretty sure non dlc can goto 90's... Just super rare.. I got a 194 junbao for 78 and theres ppl with staffs up around 220... Cant wait to see what the new dlc brings though!! And I bet you cant wait to spend hours upgrading!
  10. ^ well if thats the case than it will be very well worth it. Ill hold off until we see if it really is better stuff though.
  11. ^ he is right. You will get a completely random weapon from other challenges when you beat it. I prolly won't be purchasing the final shards.
  12. people will just take advantage of ps plus if the u kno what is fixed. Mana will never have any value.
  13. This is not a bug but a problem with the loot. They would have to rebuild the whole loot system. That is what they had to do with PC. I honestly do not think this will be fixed. Well thats pretty dumb that would mean that the limit to put towards a single stat would be about 875 while pc is what 5k+? That really limits the way we can build up a charector.
  14. Dude pierce shot should b least of worries... Dont use your huntress or ps for that matter if it concerns you that much. Thats a simple fix. They got other things to worry bout imop. Such as your first video.
  15. they must not forget to fix the stat bug that,turns negative stats after 125. That would suck if not fixed
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