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  1. Omg... This thread is still up! <3 Here's a picture of my cats I took a few days ago. ´╗┐My cats ^.^
  2. Just wanted to make a public post about me leaving DD since I gave ALL my items to a friend called "oliwaltony". I had a ton(literally) of event items left. Thank you TE & all the Defenders I played with for the great time this game gave me. Bye bye, Siimon.
  3. I'm personally not a fan of keys since it made it almost impossible to solo a map. :/
  4. I hope they add customization to our pet(s). Maybe even skin(s) &/or accessories for them. Also, I know I'm dreaming, but I would like to see mounts in DD2. Idk, maybe that's just me. :/
  5. Hi guys, Would you like to see negative stats in DD2? Maybe remove them completely? Please let us know by voting in this pool & leave a comment below to tell us why. I personally think they should be removed completely or placed wisely on items/weapons (putting negatives on hero stats for a twr weapon & vice versa). Thank you for reading.
  6. Hi guys, What would you guys like to see as a level up system? I personally think a mix of both stats & a skill tree would give me lots of choice on how to customize my hero. Please leave a comment telling us why you prefer one over the others. Thank you for reading.
  7. Can we get a trace and/or name of your friend that you got the hat from? Hat came from me, it's the one I got for participating in Port Polybius. I feel a bit sad that this stylish hat goes in auction a few weeks after I gave it away... Oh well, it's his decision now. :(
  8. 1. Name Your Hero - The Shinobi/Ninja (Fox) 2. Decide Your Hero's Role - Damage dealer (kinda like Huntress or Barb) 3. Give Your Hero 4 Defense and 3 Abilities Defenses - Crow's foot/Caltrops(dmg enemies that walk over them) - Explosive seal (placed on a tower, it would make the tower explode when it get destroyed, doing dmg to surrounding enemies) - Teleportation seal (placed on a tower, it would teleport the mobs back at their spawn when they hit it but would have a long CD) - Summon circle (summon a giant wood log that fall from the sky on the enemies when they walk on it) Abil
  9. you lost me at moba lol But it's so much more then a "moba". :( It's free, so you got nothing to lose, imo. ;)
  10. While waiting for DD2, I decided to give Prime World a try & got addicted to it after playing just a few hours. :p It's a F2P moba/rpg game for anyone that's wondering. You can build your castle, level up your heroes & equip them with better talents. There's also a lot of different game modes for players that prefer facing AI(like myself). I personally love the game & hope to play with some friends from DD while we wait for the next one. :) Thank you for reading.
  11. 1. What were the biggest strengths of Dungeon Defenders' Ranged Combat system? -Diversity in the weapons/projectiles shape, colors & effects. Imo, ranged combat was also the easiest way to engage enemies while staying in the range of your tower to upgrade & repair. 2. What were the biggest weaknesses? - Lack of different projectile patterns/type... Having bullets that bounce off walls, proj. that get bigger over time(or smaller), proj. that split when it hits a enemy, boomerang proj. , wave like proj. etc. - No weapons with scope. I'm sure a lot of us would have enjoyed
  12. But the Monk on the end was somewhat unfair, i cant really believe it. The Monk kills all 20 fully buffed Mages within a few seconds and almost insta kills the players with its overpowered range damage or if not, with his ridiculous high knockback stat. We tried something new for this event. We had the choice of only rewarding players normally (1 genie & 1 weapon) but felt like this challenge was hard enough to give something extra to the winners. I don't think I can determine what is fair/unfair but I believe we were trying to motivate players to try their best in this challenge. Than
  13. Miller & I are currently in the Event group to item ppl. I should be in the chat for the next 2hrs or so.
  14. I'm just posting to underline that I don't care. Over last year no one, never explained to me what does "MOBA" abbreviation stand for and what doe sit mean. It didn't seem to be serious proposal, anyway :P M. Massive O. Online B. Battle A. Arena If I'm not mistaking. I personally love moba's but think it could still evolve or improve. Like more maps, new mechanics & more.
  15. the basilisks and ghosts, though. neat idea, but how would you escape once your petrified? sit there till you die? ask a friend to chisel you out? or will it go away after 5 seconds? the ghosts possessing you, same question. how do you break free? For petrify, my idea was the next enemy attack would break you free(& do double the dmg) or jump/move to break free. For possess, I was thinking it would either dmg you or drain your mana until you get a twr/ally to shoot it down. You would also have your movement slowed while possessed. I'm mostly thinking of general concept. Having s
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