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  1. i know what lag literally mean's but you get the point. And yes, my friends with **** comp's run the game fine with 1080p. Im running the game max res / setting's. The game is just not well optimized for dual core gpu's. And no, it's not about driver's, i have tested 20 different driver's and 3 different graphic card's and 5 different setup's and the game just doesnt run smooth (60 fps for a moment if i go to desktop and open firefox, then go ingame, but normally i get 30-60 fps which is just bull****) I have no idea what's wrong with this game. on some pc's it work and on other's it jus
  2. More on x360: Enable trading on local multiplayer Enable continous hero attack like in pc version, my controller and fingers dont like the way it is now (1 press, 1 attack) On PvP, hero tower's may or may not instantly kill other player. (no dmg done even it's a direct hit to other player) EDIT: MORE STUFF: Pet knockback is bugged on some pet's, pet shoot's the mob to ridiculously long distance. Add option to disable target lock and add a crosshair for player's that dont want to use the target lock Add option to enable crystal from anywhere (like in pc version you press G)
  3. Could you trendy guy's please fix the engine already as it is giving alot of lag. It's been on from the very first version's and i cried about it here already. specs: intel 2500k amd radeon hd 5970 (2x cores) 12gb ddr3 120gb SSD 850w zalman psu PLEASE FIX IT! Its ridiculous how this game give's me 1-60fps but no else, every other game is smooth as butter but this. Help pls?
  4. x360 issues : -Random mob stuck on different spot's, walking in circle etc. (all maps) -Wyvern and archer projectiles randomly hitting crystal's from nowhere -Harpoon turret's miss target's (like wyverns) -when harpoon turret changes target it still shoots mid targeting equaling in miss shot and the shot is reset which takes time. -apprentice turret's are nearly useless comparing to squire (need's alot of balancing) -insane+ only as difficulty, in stats there is no reward for completing, only for insane difficulty (4 marks instead of 5 like in pc) and include spider's for more diff
  5. But its still sad that they dont like to do many rollbacks. got answer where they said they cant give me rollbacks and items forever. It's not my fault the game dumps my items to bit-space, so if some bug makes my items dissappear, ofc i want a rollback or something...
  6. If you want your mana returned, send a mail to lostheroes email. instructions in the sticky posts. i got my rollback after 3 day waiting.
  7. Happened to me last saturday. I wanted to buy some gear so i went shopping and found a good piece of trans. I was about to trade it for my mana token and 325m of mana. After we both accepted, all the items and mana just dissappeared. This is a common issue posted here a million times, still TE doesnt put it on the known issues list. This is the answer i got : Hi, Sorry to hear the issue happened again. I have rolled your account back to the 21st, right before your bank was at 0 mana. Unfortunately, we can?t keep giving you items and restores. If you?re encountering a bug easily
  8. First time when i lost my pet i got an answer in 2 days and got compensated the next day with 100m. Now i have been waiting for 2 working days and nothing yet. Hope they answer fast cause i dont want to play and lose all my new effort since i asked for a rollback. Atleast i can bank my new earnings to my friends account and get em back after but still. FIX THIS PLS!
  9. Its called the trade bug. I suggest you to contact to lostheroes email and ask for a rollback. Just yesterday i lost 600m on a trade because all the stuff dissappeared.
  10. Same here, just went to trade and lost token + mana totaling 575m... sent an email to lostheroes. waiting for rollback or something.
  11. From what I've seen so far, when starting from a wave higher than 8 in survival, the 1st completed wave doesn't appear to have any drops. The first drops I see when doing this are from opening the chests after that first wave is complete. With that in mind you would have to create the survival starting on the wave before the one you wish to farm the reward from. Not sure if this is true or not but its been what I've observed in the survivals I've personally run. Yea tested it. started @ wave 13, no loot. wave 14 -> loot started to drop. end of wave 14 -> got pet. But does it affect the
  12. Could someone please tell me what wave on survival i have to start to get the pet from wave 15? Do i really need to play all 14 wave's or can i start from lets say 8? Tested yesterday to start from wave 14 and got nothing (obviously this would be horrible exploit method)..
  13. Well there is no point at all on the mana cap. Hacking mana is easy as using cheat engine 6.1, edit the memory and lock the mana amount, use infinite mana to make tokes, sell for real money profit. and if you think VAC bans CE6.1, no it doesnt detect changes in UE, thats the problem. And no, im not using hacks, i just know the methods.
  14. I dont understand all the whining about nm being too hard. It's really not that hard if you put even the slightest effort in it. Even for any new player. I have started the game using squire from lvl 0 playing all the maps on either insane or hard, when glitter is unlocked, exp there to lvl 70 by doing it on hard, when you hit lvl 70 swap to insane and lvl up to 74. even this exping might take time, its the whole point in the game, nm is not meant to be played under lvl 74. Ive done duo hc mythical defender with pretty ****ty tower gear around 400-700 with a dps co op for the bosses. All this
  15. Might be wrong place to post but if someone @ trendy reads this please raise the mana cap from 200m to 2bil. It's so horrible when you need to sell items to get to the 2bil cap. I feel like in every shop that i cant buy better gear because i cant get past the 200m limit.
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