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  1. I'd love a copy for my other computer, so we could play without splitscreen :)
  2. Nope, and the code with that could be messy. Saying once you hit 0 mana you get full health, anything can cause that, even just dropping all your mana. Code for that would be a bit tricky, plus it's not needed anyways. Also, that's why Barb is the TRUE tank and not them two. I don't think the OP was referring to using all remaining mana, but rather all mana. In other words, change the scaling such that healing with 1820 mana fills your health bar. No dynamic healing costs are required if the scale was big enough for a reasonably high amount of health (although this would still leave those
  3. ~6.8gb Sounds like a second copy to me. You could try renaming it to see if that causes any problems in the game or in DDDK.
  4. What's the size of the interior dungeon defenders folder?
  5. Dddk is still Windows only. It now creates mods that work on a Mac.
  6. press G to continue (if you mean you completed the mission) And if not, open the console and type killme :-)
  7. Why should the devs support something that technically is not even a pc accessory? It's like asking for wii remote support and motion controls. Well Trendy already support Xbox 360 controllers on the PC, and Mac OS X now has native support for PS3 controllers.
  8. Did you sign up for a Gamespy account? You don't have one automatically.
  9. I saw this a few days ago too, weird stuff as i never noticed it untill then, must be recent or something. Nope, the eyes under the stairs are old.
  10. Again with maintenance. And again, this isn't about maintenance. I hope someone has the ability to differentiate between the two on Trendy's end. Only time will tell. Yeah I don't know how they got "maintenance" out of my post, I was talking about random disconnects. Maybe if they hadn't closed it I could've cleared that up.
  11. Thank you for making me angry in the morning. :) Seriously though, this is NOT about Steam having downtime or us being able to pickup where we were before Steam went down for maintenance. It is about a 1 second hiccup in connectivity to the match making servers killing a game in progress on the hosts machines (which is supposedly, you know, where the game is being hosted from). I agree, quite annoying. Here's another annoying thread where a moderator agrees with claims that Steam isn't just for matchmaking: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?t=67092 Based on that precedent I e
  12. I think the mana cost for stances will eventually (somewhat quickly) ramp up to the point that it costs more than you can hold, so you would not be able to maintain it forever.
  13. I do not support that, bacon does not mix well with coconuts. Maybe I missed something, but Nutella is made with hazelnuts, not coconuts... :)
  14. It's not misleading, the game is supported apple. Just not the editor- There's nothing that can be done about it. The Unreal Engine was developed on windows PCs and as far as I'm aware, the editor was not ported to mac, just the engine. Trendy can't do anything about that (not without great cost at least) DDDK is listed as a DLC for DD on Steam. Normally DLCs listed for a Mac compatible game would be expected to also be Mac compatible. So, it probably ought to be mentioned somewhere.
  15. Indeed, in pure strat if you choose not to upgrade i cant see the last wave being copleted! Some people just dont spec things right me thinks! In pure strategy, starting each wave with un-upgraded auras allows you to "repair" them 5 times mid wave.
  16. 5am here, I finally could read my digest^^ I can't wait for next week's digest as details on the jester was my number one priority ! I think I know how our heroes will get to that sky city :) Time to sleep, zzzz >> Note that he said a future digest, not necessarily next week's.
  17. ^ right but at a penalty if I am readin correctly while the afk shops reap the benefits:( I want my time spent farming not afk shop:) What penalty? There isn't one under the new system.
  18. It was a pool of Amino Acids about to combine to form the first proteins. Ice Arrow's disturbance stopped the combination and Life on Earth didn't start, ending the Humanity's creation. (10 points to the first person to get the reference) Is it Star Trek if so i don't understand how i know that i've only seen one and the latest one. Indeed, something quite like that happened in the series finale of TNG. http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/All_Good_Things..._(episode)[[1513,hashtags]]
  19. Does anyone know? The first I found has post ID 100: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?p=100[[1512,hashtags]] There may have been earlier posts that have been deleted, or maybe it started at 100. (Maybe they've even renumbered some, who knows?)
  20. I've seen several threads about Steam disconnects closed lately, stating that DD relies on a constant Steam connection. Valve has said that Steam itself going down should NOT affect any ongoing games, only Matchmaking. So, what is it about DD that makes it require a constant Steam connection?
  21. There is no cross platform multiplayer in DD. (Except, theoretically, Mac <-> PC.)
  22. He did. I need to look into them before deciding whether to implement them. Right on, thanks for the info.
  23. Still present. Any additional info needed? Still present. I don't want to come off sounding whiny or anything, but a response would be great... ("Looking at it", "can't reproduce", "buzz off"... anything really) I don't presently know if this has been missed or just ignored, which frustrates me for some reason.
  24. This has happened several more times.
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