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  1. Valve run on their own clock, they call it "ugh hung over... ill get up later n work standard time"
  2. I read somewhere on the forum, trendy said, they didn't do anything to the RNG, its fine there's nothing changed/wrong with it. I think to get this across we will need video Proof of this. i would do it myself but im running on a bad comp, ( Insane Solo of crystaline demension makes my FPS drop below 15 FPS) Maybe if some1 was to Live Stream/Record a run and show how broken the RNG is Trendy might see the light.
  3. Thanks to all of you, ill take everything into consideration, i look forward to using the shared knowledge in-game :)
  4. well. im not exactly a new player, ive played on console for a while but i got sick of the lack of extra's that the PC have but consoles do not, the console version just feels like an incomplete product comparison so i thought i'd jump on board. and so far im glad i did. anyways enough of that. Anything u can tell me that would help me out? like what class is best for what situation etc. and i do plan on buying ALL DLC available.
  5. wouldnt it also mean they would have to then release all the pc content to ps3 to allow for smooth games and being able to join each level ect ect.... we all know we are not getting it, i like the idea, but i cant see it happening u should read all previous posts before replying to threads. but yeah i agree with u as i stated before. and it would mean they have to release all. just the new classes and weapons. maps are fine, it would justmean if u play with some1 on PC, as soon as they go on a map u cannot, ull be kicked. altho for the classes.. u could have it in the data, wouldnt have to a
  6. However if they did go ahead and do this, Microsoft will not allow it to be done with the xbox360, as they have denied this multiple times. thats why Portal 2 is not cross platform like ps3 n steam. and also why Dust 514 is PS3 exclusive and DC Universe Online console wise is a PS3 exclusive. Microsoft said they do not and will not have cross platform multiplayer/ co-op unless the 2nd device's main online acitivity is Xbox live like the Xbox 360, because its like letting the enemy into your base, aswell as valve(steam) and microsoft arent exactly the best of friends either. so 360 owners who w
  7. Trendy isnt exactly a large company, so they willprobly see it as too much work and NOT cost effective and it will never get done. theres allways hope tho
  8. there has been PS to PC cross gaming since the Ps2. dungeon defenders would obviously have to have some refined coding and also the content for the PC like new characters and such would need to be ported to ps3 or atleast be in the data. this would require having to redownload all current PS3 dungeon defenders content including the game itself. have the issue with PC weapons would be simple fix. greatly lower the projectile image quality or give it a completely different look on the ps3 to stop this issue. simple reskinning can do this. the higher the image quality the higher memory usage.. si
  9. i hope this 10th april patch n dlc date is for EU/UK too. coz we got screwed over for release date of dungeon defenders aswell as PS+ dlc and QLES DLC also.
  10. this Exclusive content thats been previously released for PS+ subscribers, has never been seen in the EU PSN store. i know because i bought dungeon defenders on its release day for PSN EU, and i pretty much play it when ever i go on my ps3 and i allways check new content on the store. but its never been availible for myself and any of my EU friends.
  11. yep this is all i get now. even after i deleted the DLC from my PS3
  12. dont expect ps4 or xbox 720 or what ever they r going to be called until like 2015... or maybe late 2014. Also that article saying 320gb is the upper limit for console memory is a load of %$%^&*& . i currently have a 1TB HDD inside my PS3. and also saying about expect around 2, 4 or maybe even 6GB RAM in your next gen console... consoles right now have 256mb RAM dedicated (PS3) and 512MB shared (xbox360) these console came out WAY after i bought a gaming laptop (around 2 years)and even then that had 2GB ram, and that was considered high amount of RAM at the time. now a good amount of R
  13. ok before this retarded console war continues... BOTH consoles are perfectly capable of running this game, the problem is, the difference in coding, both consoles are VERY VERY different in terms of coding. the ps3 being more difficult to code for. due to its Cell processor and its software it runs, the xbox on the other hand is closer ot the PC, obviously it would be easier it code for. but the specs of the consoles are outdated by atleast 3 years. this causes alot of problems as coding that works for newer hardware will not work for the old hardware inside both of the consoles, aswell as the
  14. thanks for clearing my confusion up. and i did know the DLC was going to be free, i knew it was comong out tomorrow for EU, but surely the DLC requires a patch to enable the content?
  15. so apparently people in EU have the first DLC (quest for the lost eternia shards) aswell as patches for Dungeon defenders for PS3... or so i have been told. if this is the case, when is this coming to the PSN Users in the UK? niether the DLC nor any patches for PS3 as i have no recieved any patches for dungeon defenders nor have i seen ANY sort of DLC of any kind even the PS+ exclusive pets weapons or what ever (i am a PS+ subscriber and have bee since PS+ day 1) any1 clarify things for me?
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