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  1. i cant put a 4th hero into my hero deck becouse it says unlock at lvl 40. yet i have 2 lvl 50's and the 2nd and 3rd slots say i need to reach lvl x even though i have heros in them any help would be great
  2. just trying to start doing some nightmare content, but i dont want to have to run the same few maps over and over again. so i am reaching out to you guys for some help in getting some gear.
  3. im sure they are scrambling over there trying to get it done so we will probly have to wait more than 1m after the expected time.
  4. ill play a few levels with you its sad to hear people cant play the game becouse others are selffish.ill send you a PM on xbl GT-Dogmax12
  5. People should only do this to modders. if they are doing it to legit players shame on them.
  6. if you are looking for a person to play with ill play with you some time. i am in the pro-status group but ill just give you pointers and use my lower lvl char. it will be fun. GT- dogmax12 send me a msg
  7. i feel what ever happens happens and i will still love this game. but microsoft needs to release the dang patch.
  8. Cant wait to host another event this saturday. I hope we get many of you fine defenders a 2nd chance or a chance you never get to get the event weapon.
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