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  1. I have Dungeons and Dragons today but I will be watching the archive.
  2. Alright this has been driving me crazy, what is RNG and what is the problem with it?
  3. It says for reasons unknown. That's not the same as for no reason.
  5. Take off my pants and then do the no pants dance. Then play the Summoner.
  6. So instead of getting new pets, you get monk weapons and the monk guardian?
  7. Release date should be the 15th. Trendy should give Diablo 3 the finger on that day. Well they already have the next Shard release date for the PS3 on the 15th. Thats why I thought they wouldn't have it out by then to be honest.
  8. people will have lv 83 summoners day 1 of release 8 straight hours of Glitter runs. You forgot about what the 2 attack buttons will be used for. In overlord mode they will obviously be used for selecting and issuing commands. In normal mode I susspect 1 will switch to overlord mode as that feels more like a standard mechanic than an ability. I don't think a mouse button will be to activate Overlord mode, seeing that both would be used in issuing the commands. It could be you activate it by zooming out all the way if not one of the abilities.
  9. Release date will be on May 18th or May 25. Summons will be at level 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25. The Abilities will be Overlord Mode (where instead of moving your character, you control your minions RTS-Style.) and one that allows you to fuse with one of your monsters. (The second one I am not too sure about to be honest. I just think that would be awesome.) Anything else I am forgetting? Post it and I will predict it. EDIT: The first skin will be a Female Summoner skin that has a vaguely demon look to her.
  10. I am gonna put in some actual suggestion now instead of just being an ***. I think what would be useful is to have selectable announcements. That way you could get rid of "THE OGRE HAS ARRIVED" or "THE DJINN HAS ARRIVED" and just focus on killing the Sharken when they show their sharkish faces.
  11. I shall not be playing any games. I shall drink tea and laugh hardily at this thread.
  12. Wow. Really? Wow. Yes there are issues with the Sharken still but honestly, the thing you are complaining about is what they are there for. Just plan ahead to compensate for it and keep playing. It may take a while but you know what? This game shouldn't be a game that just gives you a victory without you even having trouble.
  13. I heard that he sprays water in people's faces and eats children for breakfast! But that's only speculation.
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