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  1. *Sigh* not to me apparently... I guess that it was kept on the DL b/c I hadn't heard a word about it until now.
  2. Cinderdragon comment above :( Hehe, look at my sig, I lol'd when I saw it.
  3. As mentioned above guys 100% speculation, I just find it interesting if you follow the above logic then you can come to conclusion that the colour red may have something to do with 4th part, not specifically a demonic map as sorts, but maybe as suggested above, a volcano or something to do with "red", maybe the demon boss has been revived and reigns terror over this "sky" stage. At this point nobody knows, heck the sky map might even just be a challenge map, who knows. Think its definately worth thinking about though. Edit: Just had a mighty cool thought that possibly the summoner in
  4. This is my concern... Towers usually have a limited line of sight and with a lot of maps moving a tower even slightly is as bad as just destroying it if it can no longer perform it's desired function any longer. If bowling balls can knock them back/stop their charge they would have a very small usefullness...
  5. If you have the demo version only, you will be limited in how at you can get. I was never limited on the demo, heck I even thought I saw some people hit 70 on the trial, that's dedication.
  6. Amen to this brother! Even with 87%+ resistance armor, once you get webbed, being attacked by a cluster of spiders simultaneously together with Assassins is instant death. :( Not with a 6000+ health squire with a fairy healing 248 6 times a second XD
  7. He said difficulty OPTION, so we have he OPTION to turn it on :D I bet it's an increase to insane difficulty, just what I've always wanted, well characters too but that's not possible...:(
  8. That's only patching for the PS3. The fact we can get a secondary patch out within (hopefully) a few weeks of the first one is either: 1. Bug fixes to a patch are a different entity altogether. 2. Patching is more of a hassle on the 360. Either way the problem was only seen in the NA PSN version of the game so it shouldn't show up on the 360 when Microsoft finally does finalize the patch/DLC. I had added stuff to that about all of this stuff you said, and in the digest it said that it wasn't apparent in the 360 or SCEE versions so I knew this, thanks for the refresher though.
  9. Still dunno why Drag can't accept the fact that they can't patch consoles as easy as PC Everyone knows this they seem to be able to do it as they are getting you guys(PS3) 2 patches in 2 weeks, they just don't want to. Because it isn't an "economical" decision and I don't think PS3 charges for patching and if so I'm surprised you guys aren't up with PC patch-wise, because I guess that microsoft "first for us or nobody gets it" doesn't seem to be applying to this game, maybe a loophole with Arcade titles? Or next week's PS3 patch might delay the 360 patch more because they have to add that
  10. mmmm they say we wont get nightmare mode, maybe....very very very hard? Probably a clever name for it like...No Survivors XD
  11. omg please stop..... I know you are upset I get it, we all get it, stop posting this on every single thread, the patch hasnt been released on xbox, you can not complain about "day one issues" not getting fixed. Do you have a 360? At least you guys might be able to get some patching/dlc now that 360 is pretty much out of the picture unless we get some news within the next week or two. Have fun with the almost superloot and another level increase next week though, hoping for some news by then(next week's digest) and if not well...let's just hope it doesn't come to that.
  12. I'm doing a trap huntress, not a hero build. Also i plan on playing online most of the time so survival isn't a big factor. So should i max trap area or trap speed? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Zunafux I knew this, I was saying put them more into Tower damage for campaign and Tower health for survival, I just abbreviated it and thought you'd know what i meant. I recommend trap speed if you have to choose between those two though.
  13. They got the first dlc for free and they are getting the patch/dlc before us, they have been more than made up for, but we don't even have a date on when we are supposed to be getting the patch/dlc and I can pretty much guarantee that we will not be getting anything special to make up for it. And the patch hardly even fixes any of the problems that they could've fixed on day one and kept the console players playing longer and in turn making them more money because there would be more people buying dlc/playing the game. And it isn't completely microsoft's fault, not by a longshot. Trendy and
  14. yea dude i know what u mean, im an EU player and we also have no patch... :demon::demon::demon: You guys get it the 18th, the xbox players don't even have a date yet so you guys should feel lucky...
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