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  1. I don't know what to do :( noone seems to know for sure, what am I meant to do? If it's not hacked i'm throwing away all my work for the mana I got to buy it... and if it's hacked I risk a ban?? Yep, kinda sad huh. Iv seen items drop in misty while playing with my friends, they find 1 weapon with stats of say 180 on all stats and they dont want to pick it up so they have it in the inventory incase they get a ban. Game has gone to bits when everyone is running around paranoid and everyone is calling the next person a cheater/hacker for owning what could easily be legitimate items. Iv stopp
  2. Add a few hundred...more players to test game.... You know, that's what we're doing NOW. ;) Haha good point :) Bugs can revolve into you losing an entire character due to crashes, this would be similar to releasing an uncompleted game,there are many things that can be said, just one of them. Maybe a separate install for those who already own the game a bit like the skyrim beta test i believe or even the TF2 Beta so you play on another char not associated with your main account.
  3. But with 100's if not a few thousand more players also testing then the final result should be alot better in reality. BTW im a hardcore player so why am i not in the beta team :P
  4. So iv just been speaking with my friend and he came out with a really great idea that i have to post about. Why does trendy not release upcoming dlc's or updates to dungeon defender owners for lets say like 1 week before its officially due to be released ? The reason for this is that not only the beta team can do the testing but the hardcore players and the new guys of course can play test the game and report any bugs back to the TE team. This will surely get more players interested in the game and make them feel apart of the community and obviously help trendy out immensely in letting t
  5. This is were Trendy need to implement a better system. To ban a new guy for owning hacked gear when he does not understand stats properly is just unfair in my eyes. Some users players dont even use the forums so would not know where to go if they got banned. Trendy simply needs to start tracking the stats of weapons when they drop etc and see if they are modified by the player in question before a ban is handed out. If they can not prove without a shadow of a doubt that a person is hacking or exploiting the game then how can they issue bans ? This is something that eats at me because in anot
  6. Sorry Bagel, im a very busy man and dont have time to check all threads on this forums. Thank you for the heads up.
  7. I think in all honesty that everyone would stop complaining and be happy if they had some sort of response from a dev or customer manager on what is happening and not the forum mods. Sure i can understand the devs / customer managers are busy but it would take them all of 5 mins to come on here and make a post and keep the paying customers happy. Im sure it would all make us fee like valued customers if we just had some sort of response.
  8. You sir have a very valid point and good post :)
  9. Couple of things to mention on this thread: People are using saying 'promised' instead of a real date and using that as a technicality on why its not released. I'm not jumping on the bandwagon just yet with content, but if a company doesn't live up to its promises it will lose credibility and perhaps dlc sales. It says Part 2 coming February every time I login, if they can't do that they should a) Say something about its delay. b) Don't make promises they can't keep. If they posted something saying its being delayed by x weeks/months I'm pretty sure people would understand, its just t
  10. Same, my friends and i can not connect either.
  11. So tomorrow its the last day of the month but steam usually release patches on a tuesday so will part 2 of the eternia shards dlc be released today ? I believe it was said that we will see it before the end of the month.
  12. Would an official be so nice to reply to confirm to this change because im certain its nerfed or the dummy is reporting wrong.
  13. Sorry i edited post this is with combo and the 0 (hawk stance) thats where i noticed the dps lower.
  14. Can anyone confirm that the barbarian has had his dps nerfed ? Im doing half the dps in the tavern that i used to do and i have not changed a thing on the barbarian so im 100% its not my equipment ... This is with the combo that iv noticed this.
  15. Thats a very good point that i never thought of :) maybe they could only deflect enemy of certain elements in that case.
  16. Just a thought i was having but doubt would be possible but at the same time useful in some cases like the sky o love map ... The one side of the barriers that do the normal job and if twisted around so the backwards bit was facing the enemy spawn locations/directions that they would not hit the barrier but deflect off it and try to divert to another route :)
  17. shouldn't y'all be happy its shorter? I constantly see nine billion complaints about how long it is. The odds are that they are adjusting this 1) to make it shorter 2) to make room the drops for later Eternia Shards levels to get better. If its to make room for the drops of the Eternia Shards to be better then i can understand and will look forward to seeing what its like although im not sure why they would want to change it now and not when that is released as players will be surely wanting to try get better gear for the new eternia shards challenges ?
  18. Is this just mixed mode, or normal survival too? Only tried MM for now so not sure.
  19. I got to admit i am addicted to this game and sadly have over 1000 hours played some of that from my tavern shop, i loved this game when i first started playing and even stopped playing BF3 to play this game as iv never played a tower defence game before. I loved it so much i bought it for 8 of my friends :) Sadly with all the changes i can only see myself drifting away from it really, unless something great happens to grab my attention again in the upcoming patches i can see myself and possibly some of my friends stop playing this game. Im not crying or whining iv had my moneys worth out
  20. Just played a NM Mixed mode and got to wave 25 and to my surprise won a giraffe on a treadmill only 63 upgrades and my friends was 80 upgrades, the loot was not great either :( Could a Dev / Mod please confirm that this was meant to be changed or is this something that was changed by mistake as this was not mentioned in any patch notes ? 25 waves on mixed mode as opposed to 30 seems a big change for loot drops. I also noticed the shroomites were significantly less in upgrades as my one was a 1/1 and my friends was a 1/4 now usually someone gets the bad one thats usually a 1/1 but the other
  21. Thanks for the info :) i was working my math out wrong with how i set misty up my bad.
  22. Am i missing something or did the units go down for this on the last patch but now increased again ? I didnt see anything in the patch notes but i swear they used to cost 2 units before ?
  23. Im playing as we speak and there are wyverns glitched out the map and under the floor and damaging the barriers and harpoons while under the floor and i can not shoot at them. This is happening on wave 10 so they are not flying that fast. They are also getting around the outside edge of the map so you can not jump out to get them and they are firing in at the defences and at me. Harpoons seem useless against spiders they are way way less affective at targeting them. Seems like they are just not hitting goblins too unless they are almost right ontop of the harpoons.
  24. Yeah thats what i would really love to see more than anything an overall counter so least you know how much space you have left overall, i get over run with items and end up playing a survival only to find out i cant pick anything up because im maxed out.
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