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  1. Maybe they should do a kick-starter for some new servers of to fund some actual support and bug fixing?
  2. The lag is rendering the game unplayable. Most levels are OK but It is especially bad on the lost temple - every time. It has gotten progressively worse after the last few server maintenance's. What is going on, will it be fixed, has this issue even been acknowledged? Kind Regards J360
  3. so the middle stat, for example hammer II, or triple I has nothing to do with it, its the x3 stat specifically that goes with the triple chip? its confusing as there is also a bow that has 4/s, triple III and x3
  4. wondering about the triple chip and what it effects on guns and bows. is it the middle stat? there is a middle stat actually called triple I, II & III? or is it the last stat that shows spread? x1, x3, x4 etc?
  5. finally managed to get a level 9 shocking revelation mod but it is not shocking at all...? seems to have glitched. how do I fix?
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/app/236110/discussions/0/364040166667166975/
  7. Wondering if it has been acknowledged yet that there is indeed a problem with the latest release...? Fatal Crashes since last patch when trying to join game from public. Its not my graphics card as it was working well before the patch and is working well with all other games. Any chance you can fix it or at least acknowledge there is a problem?
  8. Tried in private and public and still not able to scroll down/through. Verified cache and still the same. Strange how it works in the other menus for me but not in those two particular screens. You would think if the problem was my end then it would be consistent through all menus? Thanks anyway, maybe it will fix itself... J
  9. I have an issue where I cannot scroll through the list of Ubers (from the pirate lady) or through items sold by the blacksmith. I can select/buy anything in the initial list but it does not respond to scrolling through to see the other purchase options. Other menus seem to be working fine, for example the scroll function on the skills Uber seller works flawlessly. Using windows 10 64 bit Anyone else having the same problem? Cheers J
  10. J360

    Item Check Thread

    So did findt those 2 items in a shop and would like a check befor buying. this cat. mana value is 47.3k as far as i can see. and this obs sparus with 1.014.644.032 mana value. thanks for the help =) If that cat spawned with 140 boost then 225 ups wouldn't get it to 214 with 4 * On this account - I call hacked. J
  11. Can you stop dangling carrots and tell us when we can expect this DLC to be available please? J
  12. Sorry - my bad... J
  13. Please can I have a Beta Key? Signed up but nothing... Plugged around 2000hr into DD and would really like to play the Beta. Can hurt to beg? J
  14. SID: JACKERL360 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198027183683 Partner A SID: RUBIA360 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198079557729 Partner B SID: darkhawk1337 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198048266946
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