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  1. Ive only noticed that the (armor) drops on KG get significantly worse after wave 25/26 on mixed mode. Before that its anything from 3-8 trans per wave but after 25/26 you hardly get any trans at all. Regular HC doesnt seem to be affected as much by this but 29/30 is generaly pretty **** nonetheless. My best guess is that this map has severe rollover issues past these stages and MM only makes it worse by hitting the rollover threshold earlier than normal HC. Now that i think about it, i beleive +90% of my ultimate armors on KG are from waves 18-26 and im pretty sure i never got anything good fr
  2. Well i've tested it on 2 runs now, once solo and once with 3 chars. Ammount of trans is about the same, 35 solo to 38 with 3 chars. The solo run also gave me a supreme piece so the number of usable armor is 36 vs 38 but the solo doesnt take nearly as long to do waves 20 to 30. Plus if i run it solo i can start on wave 19 vs wave 14 for the 3 man run because i need much less upgrades (my auras have terrible health atm, even when they are 3 stared they run out during the waves so i need to max them to get anything done without having to repair all the time) And Strike, your completely missing
  3. Theorycrafting incoming... It's generaly assumed that splittscreen = more loot = better. But this works under the assumption that more mobs = more chances of good loot. More players dont increase the quality of droped loot, more players just increase the item counter (how many items there can be on the map at the same time) and the mob counter. Kings Game however has about zero mob count scaling with more players. The diffrence between 1 player or 4 players is about ~100 mobs and this got me thinking: wouldnt it be much faster to solo farm Kings instead of splittscreening? Ive never s
  4. I put a post about it in the 7.47 patch notes thread. If you feel it needs more, go ahead however I think almost everyone is on holiday atm so... The kings game tile effect with no message appears to be either kill all ogres or DEWs. There is also an apparently unused effect which is puzzling me. Hm maybe post it again in bug reports but your right, i doubt theres gona be fix this year.
  5. Did you tell someone from Trendy about the Aka decrease? Because i think thats pretty much what the values were directly after release before they buffed the rewards. Someone probably compiled the christmas patch with old data that didnt include the buff and now were stuck with the old values again.
  6. They added last years christmas costumes to Winter Wonderland. So you might have goten some unlocks there if you didnt bother with the old delivery challenge. Any chances you run Silent Night again? Cause i wouldnt mind taging along for the trophy^^ Or to take a look at the build ;)
  7. Yeah screw this Trendy, where exactly in your sales pitch said it multiplayer required. Winter Wonderland on NM is impossible to solo without hacked stats, 10 million hp ogres on wave 2 and you cant set up a proper defense until then. The map is huge AND the crystal are decentralized, so the "outskirts" of the map arent just there to give the mobs something to walk on. In 55 seconds you can barely make one round with ONE of your builders and have him build all the stuff thats needed. This map needs a huge mana and buildtime increase, i'd say 120 seconds between waves at least and 4 or 5
  8. Or, an amazing thought, have a full group with each active doing their share of the building. Now you have all defenses with max boost. With hybrid build on all players, this is far more powerful than 3/4 dps and an active summoner in phaseshift repairing stuff. Also its more fun since no more AFK which will kill this game if people can AFK all the time. So, its very viable to have hybrid build, IF you can get a full group for extra FUN. Oh yes thats ****ing brilliant, now i have to coordinate my already limited time playing this game with 3 other douchebags to get anything done.. sor
  9. Well the summoner "trick", aka keeping your summoner as an afk in phaseshift mode, has been known since he was released. Or at least i knew it, but i kinda figured other people would count together 1 and 1 too. Since he cant be hurt in phase shift your never going to loose your 33% and the damage increase is always worth it since the mobcount and mob hp dont increase that much if oyu go from 1 to 2 players. Your theory has 3 other flaws however: Pets & Weapons (those 2 are actualy solveable / have been solved) and the composition of builds (this one isnt). The few upgrades you will loos
  10. If you only use gas traps i'd focus on upgrading you other builders^^ 2000+ range is plenty enough, speed and damage dont matter anyways and for gas traps you can also ignore health. You realy dont need to upgrade range or speed any further on this, so id say cap damage and put the rest in health so you have the option to use damage traps also. Range has practicaly zero gains past ~2000, same goes for speed so youd only waste points upgrading those 2
  11. He's talking about active players, not afk. And a second player does increase the ogre count slightly, but by barely anything compared to the jump to 3 players. We've tested this. I was talking about the mobs during the bossfight not the final wave leading to the bossfight. The displayed number for the final wave only marginaly increases for a second player, but there seem to be much more mobs (read: ogres) during the actual bossfight.
  12. Using a 342^ and have only upgraded it to ~18k dmg (100^s left) and it outdamages my 50k gamblers, I did put it down to having 400 Hero Attack difference and having 1 more projectile? If your clava has more projectiles than your gamblers you messed up upgrading the gamblers^^ And the 400 hero damage isnt that big of a deal realy, it usualy is all about the weapons damage and hero dmg is just a sweetener. Lets hope they upgrade the DDDK soon so we can look at the new stuff.
  13. Welcome to the world of real ultimate drops^^
  14. Well i wouldnt be worried about being kicked spider, quite frankly these people are idiots. This game is out for over a year now and has reputation for explaining jack sh+t so if by now your not trying every new item that is released out by yourself, your doing it wrong. Just give it one or two weeks and people will know about it. People are already starting to cash in on this in the trade forums as long as no one knows about it and trying to sell their gamblers & wrenches as high as possible, its quite amusing^^
  15. Well to be fair the bracers photo is horrible, but they are constantly poking my crotch. But if you cant see what wrong with the mask, sorry to say classic but then you are blind^^
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