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  1. LMAO, yes Trendy, please delay releasing changes! Including changes we've begged for on forums and you've nicely responded quickly to address! /sarcasm. Trendy, I'm thrilled to see how quickly patches are coming out now.
  2. You go onto the menu/ring thing, go to hero, hover over the "detonate traps" icon then hold down the number key you want to bind it to :) Yes, you have to hold the number key for a few seconds, not just press it. No, I haven't found a way to bind it to a letter, either. Luckily I play as a squire and never use slice & dice except for wizardry challenge, so I was happy in the end to bind it to 0.
  3. * Changed Multi-Threaded renderer back to using the option for it, rather than always-being-enabled. May have been causing slowdown on some systems, so now you can try it out via the "Don't Use Multi-Threaded Renderer" option in the Configuration Tool and see which works better for your system. (Q1) So, just before 7.30c, checking the "Don't Use Multi-Threaded Renderer" had no effect? (Q2) If so, when did this start having no effect? Was it around 7.25c or 7.26, when some people (like me) started reporting a 100% GPU bug? Or, is this not expected to address that issue?
  4. Vote here: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?55073-The-all-encompassing-fix-for-tower-selection-issues. If people would reply and keep the thread bumped, we would eventually see the day this is implemented. It has never dropped under 90% support and it needs more votes. What the heck, how have 6 voted no and 3 unsure? I can't come up with a reason to be against this...
  5. scroll wheel? That would be my slight preference over something else, but getting it in as something would be 99% of the way there, IMO.
  6. its probably more along the lines of towers buffed are the value and if it looses the value it gets destroyed if they did implement this though towers being actively unsummoned should not count towards this new rule True, hadn't thought about the unsummon, I'd be fine with unsummon not following this rule.
  7. . . . and no trying to select the wall to repair at this point is impossible you have ~1 sec window before being hit but that tiny amount of time on repairs would make all the difference . . . Exactly. My usual repair tactic is hitting 4, clicking, when it's done or interrupted, 4/click again. Only in emergency situations do I actually try to target something, and exactly like you're saying, when you're going to get interrupted, it's a PITA.
  8. Support-ish Nice idea and would be really helpful but probably difficult to impliment and the devs could find much better use of their time :P I've never really found this an issue, just wit for build phase... Anything's always possible with programming, but I'd be surprised if it would be difficult to implement. Although I've worked with the DDDK a bit, I'm not certain what change would need to be made, and even if it's in the DDDK, but there's probably one spot in the sell tower function that says something like: if(towerBeingSold.isBuffed()) { towerBeingSold.buffBeam.destroy();
  9. While they're at it, if aura targeting could be fixed too... Quite a few times, I see an aura low on hp, and all I initially target is my prox trap that has 2 charges less than its max.
  10. "FINE! I guess I'll just sell EVERYTHING just so I can get rid of this *insert tower here* that I don't want anymore. FINE! FUUUUUUUUUUUU!" Sound familiar? :-P Exactly! Then have to switch characters again, blah. And, if you were stupid enoguh to upgrade some of the towers you have to sell to unbury it, then you're really pissed.
  11. It's my understanding that the reasoning for buff beams disappearing when you sell a tower that it's buffing, so you can't quickly sell something that's about to die and avoid the buff beam going down. What if the game only had the corresponding buff beam go down when we sell a tower that its buffing, but only if that tower's hp is less than some percentage of its max -- a high amount like 90%? That would allow us to fix mispositioned towers, without us being able to abuse it.
  12. Unable to target is annoying due to not being able to upgrade. Also annoying due to not being able to see how many towers it says are being buffed. Also annoying due to if you want to sell it and replace during build phase, sometimes you have to sell what is on top of it first.
  13. My point is that djinn desummoning one aura effectively takes out the whole area, if it's relying in a buff beam. It allows them to effectively desummon an entire area, like 6 towers, in one shot. Perhaps this should be a large risk of using buff beams, but I think there should be some way to recover from it, which there often isn't now.
  14. I don't have this problem often, but if you use buff beams in late survival waves and a djinn unsummons something taking out a buff beam with it, should you may as well throw your keyboard aside because you know you've lost already -- or should you be able to recover? Plaing a large map like Moraggo solo with buff beams, if you lose a buff beam due to a djinn desummoning an aura around a corner, there's not much you can do at that point. Someone in my other thread said that you should be able to recover from a single aura going down, but if you use buff beams, often you have no shot.
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