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  1. Hey, I bought the adept, outside of playing it the first day, I NEVER use it. Can I get a refund so I can pick up something else like the dryad or the barb. I don't play enough to earn enough medals to get it anytime soon and I already spend a lot of money supporting this game and unfortunately for you I am done with using my wallet since I currently don't support the direction this game is going :-) Matonloco on PS4
  2. You should care a little bit because the game will become fragmented with their patches they'd have to work on seperate balance just for the Xbox vs the rest if they keep doing that, it will just get worse
  3. You guys are silly, asking for nerfs on a loot farming game. I'd understand if it was some kind of PVP or competition or if It disonnected people or crashes the server somehow so but no. It's a loot grind game for personal enjoyment..... If it ruins your fun on how FAST they farm... just make your own game or play solo. No one is forcing you to play with the min-max people who are using fastest methods.
  4. Wonder when its supposed to happen? Trying to figure out if I should save 10k medals or just go ahead and unlock something
  5. Curious on when the next hero being released? On that note, I have Lava, gunwitch, dryad, and the new initiate left to unlock, which would be most useful in my arsenal? (currently using EV2 as dps and reflect with squire walls, PDTs, and monk Fire auras). Nearing c7 (just no time to farm max gear currently to move on)
  6. Interesting what about the snaking sands aura? never used it for damage.. how do you have that one set.. shard wise? Thanks for all the tips and pointers haha True, what shards do you recommend? for PDTs and Auras? I noticed you said you using it because of old relic but if you didnt have it, what would change?
  7. True, what shards do you recommend? for PDTs and Auras? I noticed you said you using it because of old relic but if you didnt have it, what would change?
  8. thanks a lot, theres no anti air or are you depending on PDTs for that? Not sure what you mean by setup? For ascension i use a lot of hybrid heroes so i don't have to swap them as much. If your still progressing at lower ascension using 1 tower per hero is much better though. Squire: max defense crit dmg and chance max cannon range max cannon damage rest in spike wall health Mystic: max snake sand stun/range and crit chance/dmg max snake sand dmg Monk: Max crit chance/dmg and flame aura range Max Flame aura damage and health(only cause i'm using a old pre patch max value medallion) Huntress: Max crit chance/dmg Max PDT range I have some in geyser range but i think that's probably a mistake since it just eats power and doesn't extend the surprise shard range. Max PDT damage Rest in geyser damage Ev2: This is actually my dps ev2 I just use her for guaranteed max gear drops and i threw all the defense points into reflect beams for the few maps that i need them on.
  9. how are your heroes setup? I am using the old meta before c7 update hit (PDTS Flame and SKyguards) I just came back with all my 250 levels reset (ascension) and Not sure where to go now at this point (build wise). Just missing dryad, gunwitch and lava and I Am maxed in c5 gear.
  10. You know what should be fixed? Having to put only 1 hero with max gear on to get viable drops. You think people who dont read forums or go on reddit will know this? I bet so many people are frustrated by the current loot system and dont know the workaround. Why do we even have to use this workaround... and we have been doing it since trials came out.
  11. Hey everyone, I recently followed trendy's Twitter and apparently they gave me a free APP skin for following them. Unfortunately the code doesn't work. Its for the Academy Apprentice. Now I cannot see that skin anywhere in the PS4 Skin shop so I don't know what's up with this code? Can anyone enlighten me on whats up with this code?
  12. Yep, full gambit + range shard = mellee range apparently. Maybe all the range effects are negatively affecting it.
  13. Its definitely Broken, farming c5 sewers my old SGT placement doesnt work anymore and, I Cant kill kobold flyers before they destry defenses. It seems They can only attack at melee range and ground level only so it does seem like a vision thing.
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