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  1. And who are you again?? LOL Lmao wow! Nice colors
  2. I remember this guy back when i used to play DD... So this guy isn't new, he probably just barely posts on here.
  3. this games not dying at all in my opinion, people say they quit but the funny thing is they cant resist but to come back and play this game again its an addiction - No.
  4. Im a champion every time i go to school :)
  5. He was good at his time... but there are way more better Reggae artists than him now lol. But i love marley too :)
  6. Listen to reggae, it'll make you happy :) Not like Bob Marley stuff tho.. more like the New Reggae artists ;)
  7. Uhh same here, same here. YOU MAKE ME SICK
  8. I find this very offensive. Im going to have to report this.
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