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  1. I will be getting rid of my 254 oculus but who ever wants well to bad for u since I will sell it to the tavren keeper so no one will have it. So sorry for who Ever wants it. Hahaha
  2. If they r making good money y then they don't put it on a disk instead so they have more memory. Oh I know y is because they r to cheap to do it that's y. Yes I do play Battlefield bad company 2 and battlefield 3 they don't have any modes. So stop sucking up to trendy.
  3. I don't really care about u at all. If they real care about the people on here they would of given us everything they promise. We were supposed to get new characters and never did. They were supposed to give us the original pets and never did. They were supposed to fix the broken RP OF AQUANNOS and it never happen. They were supposed to fix the freezing and the weapons of sky city and crystal demension they never did. U know because they don't care about u or anyone for the consoles they sure be giving everything to the PC. So to ur answer I dint care for what anybody gotta say about it. I hat
  4. Well since I dint get a invite I will like a full refund of my money back from this game and all the dlc to. Well be waiting for Trendy to give me back my money since they r taking this game off line
  5. Still waiting for the invite. PSN: coolwaters2003
  6. Well I haven't got anything from them yet. I am still waiting for my stuff
  7. Dungeon defenders suck. If u guys r shutting down this game I want my full refund back on the game. This is bull so I will be waiting to get my money back on this game. Psn: coolwaters2003
  8. Have you actually played with them or just tested them on the dummy in the tavern? Playing with them these weapons feel a lot stronger that what the dummy is are saying they are, i did a few morago insane runs and they felt as strong as my 215 oculus even though the dummy said it was a third of the dps, Yup I ran morago on insane and even ran aquanos on insane to but when I went up against the boss it took me forever to beat with the those weapons. So mostly I will never use those weapons to play again. With try to farm me better weapons than that. But still had fun doing the events.
  9. The new event weapon was real weak and my occulus hits harder than the event weapons so I just put those weak weapons in my other account and will stay there. Wasn't happy with these event weapons i had got they r just to weak for me to. U could of made a stronger weapon with a full charge on the weapons I hit 80k weak my oculus with a full charge does 254k so the new event weapons not me worth using. Thanks for the fun on the Event had fun. Thanks Gamer for the event
  10. were can i go see on what is the event about at? i would like to know what it is. but cant never seem to fine out what is it.
  11. how can we check on who is r Event Host?
  12. Si Si yo Hablo Espanol i tu LMFAO. Psn:coolwaters2003
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