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  1. I see so many crystals, how the hell shall we defend them all? ;P
  2. You are making so fast progress and need 2 weeks for a playable version? ;P Can just repeat me, keep on this fantastic work.
  3. Wow! With the new stuff, it's looking better than i ever thought it would do. Agreed, keep on this fantastic work.
  4. Wow. 5 cystals, also for 6 players?
  5. I am playing Mysti survival at the moment and got one nos ( called batwing stick ) from a shroomie.
  6. No reply from jeremy, so I guess he dont know himself.
  7. I voted for no cause I think its just right as it is. You wouldnt need towers anymore except maybe walls anymore if you could make 3m DPS and more in NM.
  8. The idea sounds great, but this would be a big problem 3) if someone leaves (or is kicked), their towers goes with them one steam/trendynet dc midwave and you will probably loose.
  9. My first thought with the new picture was "a train station", ;P, really looks good.
  10. Might even reward the Adult Heroes as costumes or something. I think they will be the new tavern keeper after you rescued them. :squire:
  11. If someone takes requests: I would love to see a map in the size of Mysti or Aqua with the jungle/temple theme of Kara, I neither have the talent nor the condition to make a own map.
  12. I was just looking in the thread of jeremy if he answered why this big fish is an easter egg, but no comment about it and thanks to some people the thread was closed. So I will try here again to get an answer to what this fish refers to.
  13. Didnt saw any halloween weapon drop so far but saw a few presidents weapon.
  14. No. When playing splitscreen, any player opening the map causes it to display full screen. Thx for the answer but the last question was not meant to play in splitscreen. I meant playing solo on one Monitor and have the map all the time on the second.
  15. I am thinking of buying a second monitor but I am wondering if it is possible to play DunDef with 2 Monitor and then in splitscreen. If yes it is also possible to play 4p splitscreen with all 3 alt chars on the second monitor? Another question about multi monitoring, is it possible to play on one and have the minimap on the other? Thx in advance
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