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  1. i got this quote from previous threads about the King's Game. I wonder why end gamers were thinking this map was intended for them. My impression was that the map was intended to be a bridge to the harder maps and as such should be easy for those end gamers. Now someone from Trendy can correct me if I'm incorrect in this, or a moderator can. Either way, based on the posts by Trendy and moderators - I took the new map to be the bridge to close the gap in progression as their final farewell in maps. I'm seeing alot of end gamers take this 'easy' map as their final map and should be the ulti
  2. crap, wrong thread. can a moderator please move this to General?
  3. anybody else experiencing this? This is standard steam server maintenance, right?
  4. :summoner: - I summon :oldone:
  5. You can do NMHC Pure Strategy. you're able to click on hardcore, but it won't effect the game.
  6. keep trying, watch his arms and his legs.
  7. YAY, it's back up, enjoy everybody! or not... how long do these things take?
  8. oh, man, i swear, this is the millionth time i got d/ced from a survival run. :'(
  9. I'm getting no connection from steam over here. Anybody else?
  10. If you're on steam, right-click dungeon defenders. Then click on properties. After, click "Set Launch Options" and add -tcp. Hope this help.
  11. SID: MashedPotatoJonson http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198064447717 Team SIDS: Shut It Down http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198061072822 Not sure which day me and my partner will be able to run.
  12. alright, thanks for all your help.
  13. wouldn't the 33% (not sure if correct) boost in towers help? or is it still not worth it?
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