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  1. so i guess you are fine that xbox gets a release after months and get a free map weapon pet to boot while we get nothing ? also [[91931,users]] what does winning have to do with anything good that u won something congratz still doesnt take away this patch was as mediocre as they come and there are still plenty of issues and not been given all backer rewards as promised is one of thoes still missing tavern customisation and the walls are still broken as f
  2. also trendy not commenting on these topics says enough what kind of company they are im quite done for that matter and tbh ppl who indeed stuck trough all the bugs and *** really got the finger by gifting them nothing u would think going out of early access would come with a massive patch at least a few maps or 1 and i do think initiate should be free for early access people but we got zip nothing .... not even a thank you in the mail when you log in
  3. when im still missing Council rewards / no new map xbox one seems to be favored by devs nice when will i see a return for my early backing instead of getting betrayed.... DISGUSTING !!
  4. why should xbox get a extra map at launch and not pc or all at the same time exclusivity just means u shaft one side off the pool its like u got 2 kids and 1 u gave a cool truck and the other one u said well *** you, u can play with the truck when hes done with it. cause thats how i feel right now especially after how slow the updates been going for pc and suddenly its like suprise xbox version....
  5. still nice we dont get a map .... after all this waiting
  6. the pc players the ppl that funded and stuck out their wallets and patience get stabbed in the back and xbox gets exclusives nice to hear you care about the ppl that gave you the chance to actually dev a xbox version
  7. all i read in these posts is that something is broken and i do not see suggestions being posted .... on how to fix them with STATS numbers or something like that all i am seeing is fix this cause i dont like come up with an idea first ..... before you start whining imo sure the sphere system isnt perfect but bashing that the devs do not wanna do anything isnt going to help in that regard and coming up with actual idea's might .... just saying buffing/nerfing isnt gonna fix the main problem .... and imo what needs to be fixed is static defence maps and more maps
  8. so will we get a diamonds back for the bags we purchased and the steam bags ? cause ....
  9. how is this a huntress chest WTF http://imgur.com/a/G1eHu
  10. so what happens to the ppl that bought the Carnaval Ticket Package ? and did not use all of the tickets yet are they screwed ?
  11. give us a server list how hard can it be.... its a co op game but i never play co op cause i keep entering empty servers that either means no ones playing or your servers are garbage
  12. sad but true most likely the hero deck is cancer incarnated
  13. inb4 this game will never leave early access and the game is gonna be canceled just look at this last update it was a big cash grab AGAIN and nothing substantial got added lol so many feed back on what they need to change and they wipe their asses with it ....
  14. hey man its not wipeaggedon my stats on my weapons are wiped i had maxed out upgrades on all my gear and now they are back at 1/44 again stuff like that also i tried multiple game modes and not one i can find ppl in ..... and the finding match in this game is an atrocity
  15. saw new update i log in i see all my items are back to lvl 1 and all the gear used for them is gone thanks ? took ages to farm all thoes items and now i can refarm them with reduced drop rates NICEP23krtioe54y ikr than when i look for games i never can join any game like Ever no one is ever there to play with on nm4 i press join any of the maps and when i do i enter a game alone im done im just done with this game off to blade n soul when the servers are back from maintaince cause this game got bad really fast also the new map is *** as well looks pretty but no substance
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