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  1. ? Gotta disagree with you there, love my EV2, even when she wasnt topped off with good gear. And to the OP - I can only say I struggled badly in chaos 6 until I remembered to use EV2's reflect wall in front of blockades. Honestly - kinda easy mode once you do that.
  2. All I can say man is - get used to it. As the above guy said, it still happens pretty frequently even without an ogre there to assist the lady orcs. In my experience, it seems to happen more frequently when there are more than 2 lady orcs at a single block, as they don't "stack" on top of each other really well (giggity). I recently switched from squire blocks to Mystic blocks for the added CC, and it still happens every once in a while. Except now, lady orcs will fall from there bubble and land on top of block, then spill over the side and continue on to the sub objective or crystal. Either way - still pretty frustrating. If you can kill all the little guys with your other towers before they reach your walls, then it's pretty easy to pick out on the mini map when there are multiple lady orcs at one of your blocks. Then just head there, dispatch, repair, and repeat till victory. Good luck
  3. Biggest thing I miss, in relation to DD1, was the ability to run ANY map at ANY level to farm for the RNG of that map's specific drop. Some hated it, I liked it. Running warping core over and over to try and get the best Crystal Tracker. Blasticus (sp?) runs, Morrago to get a badass occulus. List goes on.
  4. Sweet, thanks guys I like the pointer about stacking FAs at beginning of a lane, and keeping SGT out of initial range of the EMP kobolds. I think that by itself will help a bit. I noticed that if I took care of the EMPs in time, the rest of the wave really wasn't that difficult. Squire wall has 4 mill HP unbuffed. I guess maybe i can re-try the LSA. Even after patch, I wasn't too impressed with it. Also, Zimmer, do you recommend medallions over marks? I pretty much use marks on every damage dealing defense. Obviously focusing on crit damage. And yea, proton nodes with frosty-ness to them is HUGE - love that tower. It's pretty much what made me go from struggling to clear C6 to winning every round, lol.
  5. Hey guys Just finished up C6, capped on drops (though I could prolly use 1 or 2 more orange marks). I've pretty much run through C1-C6 with squire blocks, PDTs, FAs, SGT, and proton beams - EV2 is my primary DPS char. Just ran my first few C7 maps, I think 2 or 3 times out of 10 I made it past the first wave. I'm not complaining, mind you, I think it should be tough to break into a new chaos tier, especially the last one. What I am looking for is maybe some tips/pointers you C7 vet guys have to pass down. Obviously the flying kobolds are the new 'thing' to figure out in C7. I do notice that they really don't have much HP, but seem to get pissed easily, and bombard anything close to it. So yea, let me know if any of you guys noticed something when you broke into C7 that would help. Thanks
  6. I'm having the same problem trying to get the Frosty Beam shard from C5 for EV's proton beam... RNG is not playing nice
  7. I've played a bunch of C5 rounds today. And yea, geysers no longer CC the ones on your back. SOMETIMES it'll work if one is on your back, and you jump and land on a geyser trap. Then it will activate. But overall, pretty useless now for dealing with DAs. I've also noticed that my EV2's big boy bomb now does TONS more damage to siege rollers. Before I was doing ehh.... roughly 300k with a big bomb. Now it's close to 3-4 million. Same shards, roughly the same gear. Overall pretty odd, as both of these incidents aren't mentioned in the patch.
  8. Hey guys - as title says, has anyone else been having problems with the geyser trap since the patch dropped? For me - I only used geyser traps in C5, to CC the DAs that attach themselves onto my back and stop short the stabby stabbys. Sooo.... it appears DAs on your back no longer trigger the geyser trap. I'm now relying on my cannons to stun them off me. The geyser trap still WORKS at knocking them up into the air, but it no longer registers the ones that lock onto you. Working as intended, or buggy?
  9. Or a hero damage EV2 with the big boy shard (since that scales massively off hero damage). Seriously, one big boy plus whatever towers happen to be in my lane is enough to kill assassins in C5 very easily. This I posted earlier in this thread, when I was stuck on wave 4 or so. I'm now rolling through C5, rarely dying from DAs. Biggest change to my "killbox" i was using - was this. Drop a big boy bomb when one pops up, and immediately shoot it (bomb), then drop another, rinse and repeat. 2 or 3 of these (along with the killbox) is enough to take down 4 or 5 assassins with relative ease. I'm only at 60k is health too. Agreed - I like the challenge of trying to figure out how the hell im supposed to break into a new chaos tier. C5 is on farm now for me, and I know that once I go into C6, ill probably have a new strategy I'll have to figure out (Hex throwers, i think?) and die a bunch while trying to do it :) That's the fun of it. Keep it difficult - you should NOT be able to beat a new chaos tier only a few hours into trying it. Takes time/practice/strategy/gear
  10. I switched to blue items only (minus the orange relics for towers I need in C5), and I am now starting to get some upgrades - seems to have done the trick. Albeit only + 1-2 gold upgrades per item per victory. So, definitely MUCH slower than C1-4 as far as progression speed goes, but better than nothing. Thanks for the help guys
  11. Well, like I said, the 507 legendary I switched with a 557 legendary. So, dunno. I'll give the "blue items only" a shot, but it's odd that I've only had to worry about this when I hit C5.
  12. Update - I switched the above gear and moved it to my Monk, including relics. Monk has a 716 orange chaos IV max wep. So, removing the shield (and trading out an orange relic for one that was 50 gold more I forgot I had), my new monk "mule" should be having a much better chance with drops. I went in and completed 3 chaos V maps in a row. Nothing changed. Approx. 11 purple relics dropped - ALL with a sell value of 337. Also, the above purple gear for armor (boots, gloves, helm) dropped approx 7-8 times. ALL purple armor pieces that dropped were the same exact sell value.... So - to recap, I increased my "mule" char by essentially removing the shield (weps were the same value) and adding an orange relic with a change of +50 gold value. So that's 3 runs with mule squire, then 3 more runs with enhanced monk mule.... all yielding ZERO upgrades. All purple relic drops were the same 337 sell value. Sooooo..... any other ideas? This is pretty damn annoying
  13. I should link the Excel spreadsheet I've been using as a guide.... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PNFslftU37q0KKEY-2EaxasXFpg2wkGr2kcu8UJ1XqQ/htmlview?sle=true
  14. Hey guys - hoping to find a "better" way to sort through gear, to make sure I'm getting the best drops possible. Hope I'm just doing it wrong.... My gear (squire mule): Sword - 716 (orange) Shield - 410 (blue) Helm - 271 (purple) Chest - 702 (orange) Glove - 206 (purple) Boots - 239 (purple) Relics (x4) - 504 (orange), 557 (orange), 337 (purple), 337 (purple) These are the sell prices of the items which, as far as I know, are the goto way of knowing they need to be replaced. Most of this gear is capped Chaos IV gear, with some pieces from Chaos 5 in there. I made sure to unequip any relics from my other 3 deck toons that I do not use - to be sure that my squire mule is the one that is "judged" when choosing what drops. Now, my questions are... Why can I not get any further purple relics past 337 sell value when doing Chaos 5 maps? I've completed 3 Chaos 5 maps in a row (personal best for me), with NO upgrades dropped? Is there a way to know that I should or should not replace a blue item with a purple item based on sell price? I'm hoping there's just one simple thing I'm doing wrong that's preventing me from getting upgrades, but this looting/gearing method has worked well for me through Chaos 1-4, I just find it odd that i've seem to have hit a ceiling as far as progressing goes..... Any tips or pointing out something I'm doing wrong is appreciated.
  15. Xbox 360!! I very much miss my DPS apprentice with an uber sized Occulus that did an insane amount of damage. Sure would love to see more Harbinger-type super boss maps like DD1 DLC's had... Hell, even the alch labs demon king was fun as hell
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