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  1. I too believe this is a problem. Im getting my characters all to low 2k stats across the board, playing much of my time solo. But its getting to the point where i cant get further into the maps to get higher gear, and the waves i am at barely drop items that are even worth looking at. I use builds seen on the forums here as well as my own and i do make it quite far for someone with my stats, but the gear progression just seems a bit too difficult at the moment.
  2. There are heaps of builds in which give ways to beat this map, either your stats are too low or youre build isnt the best. Look around in the guides section and see what builds are going atm.
  3. Great set-up, completed wave 30 for the first time yesterday. My stats are bout 100 less than yours in every stat on all characters except for summoner. My summoner is 600-900-700-600 in tower stats. So this is obviously an extremely strong build. Good stuff!
  4. I see this a lot, Candelabra, Frost blade and Northern staff (huntress one i forget) ARE NOT HALLOWEEN and have dropped since release of christmas special.
  5. I dont think this is properly fixed yet, i have done countless survival misty, moraggo and aquanos and others since these have been added yet i dont get any as drops. Either the rarity is still incredibly low or they have such a small value they despawn within a second, would love trendy to look into this and fix them.
  6. Thats a really good idea, pet levelling is always a pain and this would actually be quite handy. Its not like it would be too easy to level pets either with this added. Great idea, please add it trendy! :D
  7. Yeah, thats what annoys me most, its about 30-40 minutes to get up to him to just be purely out gunned
  8. Now i know the Kraken wasnt intended for soloing for people who have lower stats, but i have stats all at 1.5k on all my characters (i knows this isnt too high) and I can very easily get up to the boss. The thing is, the boss just 1 shot kills me with his seeking arrows, and then spawncamps me. I think that to make the boss "fair", its damage should be nerfed so that it doesnt 1-shot someone with 87% resists on NM OR his tentacles need to be nerfed coz even with my Nos dealing 500k dps and pet dealing the same, it takes forever to kill the tentacles, let alone his actual health. Please f
  9. Definitely need this, armor is just vanishing in seconds most of the time.
  10. I think a better mechanic would be to move an already constructed tower for say, 3/4 the mana used to build it.
  11. I've seen it, the 3D is pretty good, and it is definitely not below average. Was a great movie, would see it again in a heartbeat.
  12. The DU on your planner is wrong because youve got it set to console :), otherwise, looks very nice will try it out later.
  13. Pet reward is after you complete wave 19 i hear.
  14. I didnt actually have a problem, around the end of wave 14 i had to go kill a few kobolds. Other then that i just had to watch out for any ogres getting caught along the way so that i could help them along.
  15. Pretty Simple, heres the build, dooable with 1k stats. http://ddplanner.com/?l=4178,nmhc-shipwreck-ruins-mumbl3s Got any questions, just ask and ill make sure to answer.
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