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  1. My first Ult from Palantir NMHC. Got all the hero and Tower stats and none are neg :)
  2. I got a useable Supreme from the tavern earlier today, first armour I've ever seen over Myth in stock
  3. I'll pick 67 for the holiday extravaganza
  4. pics or it didnt happen haha but srly i wanna see it plz =) I have nowhere to post one, sorry. It's not overly good in stats but it has 50^
  5. I just found a Supreme Ornamented mask, so they are out there.
  6. Well, awesome. Guess I will go back to farming Trans gear that I can trade for rocks that I can trade for cubes that I can trade for actual decent gear from people who obtained it through I don't want to know what means. Yes it is quite disappointing that they can't fix any of the problems.
  7. I think the projectile speed just allows it to go further in the time it has before it disappears since all projectiles only have a specific time before they disappear, so ultimately it increases the distance of the shot
  8. I think he missed the part where things are off to the side of the beams to make the reading easier, also the aura markers might not touch the buff beam in the layout but does in the game as the auras are mush bigger.
  9. I've seen this too on solo and would also like to know.
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