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  1. Okay, so I downloaded fraps, and on Akatiti on 4p, it gets a low as 10 fps, so I do lag even on GTX 660/Core i7-3770. I guess usually play with only 3 players, and that's like 17 fps, and all I really do that last wave is hawk the boss while hero boosting on the monk, so I guess never really noticed. cpu usage is 33%. gpu usage is 34%. but fps is 22 LOL. My spec: i5-760 @4.0, gtx460 Given that DD is single-threaded and your processor is quad core, you might be maxed on the one CPU that the game can use. And by checking my system you mean? Could there be something wrong with my pc or
  2. Going down to medium with postprocessing off helps a lot. Full screen can help a little if you're RAM challenged. After that, nothing really does anything noticeable, EXCEPT... lowering the resolution. This helps more than anything else, but it's obviously the least desirable option... I don't think a GTX 570 should lag even on 4p - I would check your system. I recently upgraded to a GTX660, Core i7, and I don't lag on 4p on the highest settings.
  3. The last resort is to lower the resolution and do full screen. The game will look awful, but it helps fps more than anything else. Before this year, I played DD on a Core 2 Duo w/ Geforce 9500GT at 1680x1050, and it was okay on all maps not named Sky of Love, but definitely did lag with multiple controllers (badly on some maps). This year, I have my new PC (Core i7, GTX 660, 2560x1440), and I thought I could just max all the settings, but with multiple controllers on Temple of Love, I still had to turn off post-processing. Forget Crysis. DD is the ultimate test of your gaming PC. Oh,
  4. Back to topic; the only male skin that equals the female counterpart's speed is the mitt skin for the squire. But he doesn't have CtA, and we all know how well CtA works during the build phase.
  5. Congrats! I really appreciate your contributions on the forums and your many informative posts. You are one of the few definitive voices on the forums.
  6. I agree completely. No real reason not to though. I really only care about the skin anyways, since the chicken has no real use now. In that case, they could drop every egg type except for Humungous. That would keep everyone happy.
  7. The tavern keeper has filed a lawsuit against you for defamation. After he gets his mana, you're going to meet the same fate as the guy in the basement.
  8. Once you reach 3k stat, you don't need to grind anymore. You can beat everything in the game with that. ... I don't think I could beat "anything" in the game with that, to be honest... considering I do have stats equal to (mostly higher than) that. But yes, though I am tired of the grind, perhaps I should just sit down every once in a while and try to create some unique setups for this game. I seriously mean anything. I had 3.5K stats when I got the Ultimate Defender achievement, and lot of people did it with less. It's only very recently that they uncapped the re-spec points, ra
  9. I think this is a good skill-based challenge and would fill a hole of there not being a lot of 2k stat builds. I've been meaning to create start new lower-stat lvl-74 builders with my old myth gear. Regarding completion in a timely manner, I'd suggest points be awarded for completion time. It will be tricky to balance, but there should be some reward for making the waves go quickly. Then, you don't have to make special rules regarding gas traps. As for hero attack, I think a weak hero should be allowed to clear mobs at the end of the round - stuck mobs, enemies stuck in gas traps, and
  10. Wait ... so the husband is going to be running after her in his boxers. Isn't he going to get arrested?
  11. I believe there are only few weapon stats that suffer from rollover, but the hero and tower stats are just capped. The problem is there's like a 1/3 chance for flipping to negative, so the higher the stats, the higher the negatives too. Still, overall quality should increase and sell value per mob should increase. I say "per mob" because some waves have less mobs.
  12. Once you reach 3k stat, you don't need to grind anymore. You can beat everything in the game with that. I think you'll notice that there's a lot of people on the forums that will play in bursts, like when a new map comes out, and then not much at all for long periods of time. People do like to be rewarded once in a while, but the rng is so bad so if you try too hard, you'll get disillusioned. As for it being easier to read a build guide, well, almost all games have step-by-step walkthroughs, and you just have to decide to what extent you want to use them. I usually do look at build guid
  13. - What happens if I spend points in the actual "weapon damage" attribute? It does nothing for the weapon. Things that look at weapon damage, like piercing, are affected. - Do the portal gates get bigger in size, or do they transfer a truck load of more mobs through? Not that I can see. - Why is it even there to begin with if only the clip-ammo acts as the timer? Does it have anything to do with how quickly one can create portals? Nope. If you want to test it out, you can export your profile to open (from the character sign-in screen) and try it out on open.
  14. $67.00 for Corsair Builder Series CX 600 Watt ATX/EPS 80 PLUS (CX600) FYI, most gaming rigs only draw 200-300W of power, so 400W is generally more than enough, and they cost less than $40.
  15. What I would do search for "gaming rigs under $500" on your favorite search engine and pick the recent articles (2013 and the later half of 2012). You'll get more examples like draemn's, and that should help you figure out what parts you need. AMD is going to be cheaper. Next, determine how soon you need the rig. If you are not in a hurry, you can save money by accumulating parts over time via sales. If you live in the US but not in California, Newgg is a great place to buy parts from. Open a Newegg account and sign up for their spam ... err... newsletter, and you'll get deals twice a
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