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  1. I honestly felt that harpoons are very very much overpowered in terms of DPS.. i.e. high dmg + pierce the only downside now is the inaccuracy that causes it to miss A LOT if not positioned correctly. Therefore, I believe that the inaccuracy is the trade of for such insane DPS for a tower.. I feel that if they want to make it very much more accurate, then it'll be better to also nerf it in terms of damage, or better still, buff the rest of the towers.. App towers are much lower DPS in comparison and the monk/hunteress towers are more of support towers than being the DPS in the games
  2. Considering they're located on the West coast, and they generally don't start being active on the forums and with patches/DLC till around 1-2 EST, you should probably just wait it out and see if it does come out today.
  3. Although I wanted a holiday themed huntress, the trapgirl looks very good :)
  4. essentially, the smaller programs just send signals that emulate keyboard and mouse presses sent from an external source. They require no information about the game and just preform a series of commands using a small amount of input. an example of this would be if you have a program that makes you strafe left and right as you hold down the forward walk key and you run it in notepad it will just type out wadwadwadwadwadwadwadwadwadwadwadwadwadwadwad. On the other hand, larger programs that actually "think" need to gather information from the game itself. If I take an aimbot, for example, it
  5. I think it would be awesome if they just went ahead and made the holiday themed characters anyways, and released the voting results as a bonus... Of all the holidays they've had themes for, this one has some of the best costumes and it might be the first one where the costumes aren't holiday themed... makes me sad
  6. Why can't people just NOT mod the game? There is a fundamental difference between moding and cheating. Modding in the community usually produces favorable results. A lot of valve's games started out as mods of other games and valve hired the modders. Granted, these were done by people who know the ins and outs of programming and were capable of creating their own games. But the point is, open should be an area for you to explore different things, if it truely is "anything goes" then you should be able use any kind of program, mod or hack.
  7. Then they did get around it, I didn't mean that they found a copyright loophole, I just meant that they we able to get copyrighted characters in their game. They did this by collaborating with the characters creators, and there are other ways to do this. I was just simply pointing out that this isn't something that they aren't willing to do.
  8. If I remember correctly, the last hyped update (Patch 6.16 and barbarian) was completely torn apart because they didn't "test it enough". I don't know about you, but I'd rather wait a little longer to get a quality dlc, rather than get a bad dlc now and wait a few weeks for all the new patches to fix all the issues while the forums fill up with rage.
  9. The solution I have to the issues of hosts kicking would be to allow support for dedicated servers. If Trendy really wants to keep putting PvP and other sort of maps like this out, then they should really consider hosting a few servers and allowing others to create their own servers. This way that would solve the issue of hosts kicking, and would also open it up for server-side mods that could even out the playing field.
  10. So basically, I was thinking, since there was TF2 inspired pets not too long ago, why can't we have characters inspired from other games? The first one I could come up with was a plants vs zombies inspired character. Who's towers, obviously, are the lovable plants. And he could use lawn tools as weapons. Some tower ideas: Acorn: Acts just like any blockade, no side-effects, a ton of health Sunflower: periodically produces mana (useful for dropping down in earlier waves so you don't have to go looking for it) Pea-shooter: For this, I was thinking maybe giving it a base damag
  11. I really don't understand all the complaints... First, you all complain about how awful the costumes are, then you complain about how hard it is to get them. Ok, so there is some room for improvement, but the point is it's different that what you're used to and it's completely different from other pvp. Also, for those of you complaining about it being pvp, tell me how a presidential royal rumble could be handled with co-operative tower defense? It's a free DLC, take it or leave it. Period. Yeah it's not eternia shards part 2, but that doesn't mean that it's taking away from that DLC, i
  12. The devs make changes, it is the tester's job to make sure that these changes are fair, balanced, and good. The final product is supposed to be a combination of the dev's changes and the tester's feedback. You're right it might not be the tester's fault, but the fact is it's the tester's job to make sure that there aren't any serious balance issues, and currently, there are serious balance issues. In a normal system, this would be the tester's fault (hence the blame), but it is entirely possible that it is the dev's fault.
  13. the last 3 patshes made the cummunity go raging just as example: increased pet dmg in nm mode by 12x decresed pet dmg in nm mode by 40% the most values in the patshes are going way over board any balancing i like thjis game and im even willing to spend time by helping to improve it so here is my suggestion: im willing to volunteer as beta tester i wont inform anybody about coming patshes or what is in them will get changed etc all i need are informations on how i can test it and how i can inform devs about changes going overboard for this i need actual patsh correct patsh notes to
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