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  1. 1. I agree that it is a shady practice and people such as the OP are more likely to make mistakes on the basis of this. In fact, this is likely how TE intends things. 2. Agreed on the OP having some issues as to how best to spend one's money - perhaps indicative moreso of an idiosyncratic issue rather than as much the game. 3. You're correct that Borderlands is aimed at older people, but going on the cartoon style alone, it seems the blood is the only difference. In terms of dialogue there practically is none in this game. I have no idea what the story is. I would add the nuance that whilst I do not believe the main demographic of this game is as you describe it (younger teens/kids would be around the age of 10-15?), but rather, that its presentation accommodates that market in addition to what I believe is their main demographic, the 18-35s.
  2. Where was I making light of that? I said that leg pets should not be behind a paywall. You said leg pets should not be behind a paywall in the second sentence, bolded the first though - which is the one where I thought was making light of it To explain, you made light of it when you said that for 1600 gems (the carnival, I'm assuming?) he could have gotten a bunch of legendary and golden pets... ie, he made the wrong decision by spending 70 dollars on premium eggs in the egg UI and should have spent 16 dollars on the carnival It sounded, to me, like another "your fault" post, despite you agreeing that it shouldn't be behind a paywall. Sorry if you didn't mean that, but that's the way it comes off What. They can make money via cosmetics. I have a problem when they put it in gambling boxes in a game that's obviously marketed toward young people Maybe some people don't really get the gravity of gambling and how much of a mind*** it can be.. and that it's way worse on someone who doesn't yet understand the value of a dollar and hasn't developed fully the parts of the brain responsible for risk assessment and impulse control It's gross, imo. Worse than unashamedly screwing with inventory (scavenger & consumable stacking) to encourage buying bag slots, 4 of which are exclusively through steam for $$ and can't be purchased with already accumulated gems. I think it is fair to say that, to an extent, it is the OP's fault. It is *not* the same as "is kind of making light of a pretty gross mechanic in a game whose target audience is children" Spending 70 dollars JUST to get a legendary pet is so grossly gratuitous that I find it difficult to sympathise. It's a gambling mechanic, but so is playing a game with RNG on item drops. It's a gamble. You are gambling away your time (of which money cannot buy - to an extent) to get better items. Why do you say it is obviously marketed towards young people, by the way? Because it is cartoony? Most people I know who play Borderlands aren't kids. I think it is done with them in mind, of course. You make the point about gambling boxes. It's not water tight as you can get all of these things for free for not ridiculous grinds. I would prefer that you can just buy what you want rather than buy the chance at a lottery though so I agree with you there. Several of the methods used by Trendy are pretty shameful and part of me even wants them to fail terribly so they can learn from it (for example when they bled the community dry in dd1. The cumulative money required to get all the content was ridiculous). They probably made more money per consumer but lost thousands via that method, of which, myself and my girlfriend were two of them. tl;dr - 1. OP should consider rethinking what to prioritise when playing a game. You can get a legendary FOR FREE by just playing it. afk onslaught for a few hours and come back and you'll almost certainly get one or two, for example. 2. I don't mind the 'gambling' nature of rng too much, even where money is concerned. If it is aimed at young kids, they don't have money anyway so it's up to their parents to do their job. 3. Agreed that Trendy has some shady methods for generating money, like putting bags behind a paywall.
  3. My thread about this: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/131877/onslaught-tenacious-hordes I meant horde, not just the tenacious ones. The ONLY map that gets it right is siphon site d. There, horde rounds take no longer than others, as they all come at you at the same time.
  4. The values, at max level, is 1800 DPS for green (powerful) vs 3000 DPS for orange (legendary). Not really a big deal, no matter which side of the argument you fall under But you, like the poster who said "your fault" is kind of making light of a pretty gross mechanic in a game whose target audience is children. It's like legal gambling for kids. If that's not gross and it's "their fault for not finding the better deal in-game" then... idk Where was I making light of that? I said that leg pets should not be behind a paywall. However, this is a f2p game, so if they can't make money via cosmetics then how the hell do they? By selling content that is about the mechanics? Then it's not much of a f2p game, is it? edit: Just in case someone says you can get leg pets for free - true. However, I am talking about these carnival type pets. They should all be free, but the costumes and whether the leg is golden or not, I am fine with being paid for.
  5. "if you want to make a different you can be a tester". So he should work for Trendy? Why is the only way to make a difference by doing work for Trendy? If I want to voice my view to make a difference about the way my country is governed, do I need to volunteer in the government? This is exactly what he and Witty are talking about when it comes to stupid comparisons you guys keep making. The pricetag on a single hero has put people off, and the alternative of, "you can grind for it", also doesn't wash too well because for many because the grind isn't that fun. What I DO note, however, is that people who are not complaining, but white knighting instead, seem to play the game all day, everyday, and generally have poor English. (I AFK 90% of the time so perhaps they do too)
  6. For 1600 gems you could have gotten a bunch of legendary and golden pets. I think paying should only affect if it is gold or not, NOT whether it is legendary or not, as they do more DPS.
  7. So if you have a 700 ipwr item with max level 43, does it traverse the extra level? i.e. do you go from lvl 1 to 43 with just one of them?
  8. Imagine if someone has been farming this for a week. You wouldn't catch up with them for months and months.
  9. but gaiz teh gunwitch is a gurl and i only wonna plai as a gurl gaiz cmon ur all misogynists perpetuating bla bla bla etc
  10. I don't think most of the complainers are the way you describe them at all. 15 dollars is ridiculous. "But you can grind for them". Yes, and it takes ages for most people. Also, the spheres cost medals too so you need to factor that in. Five dollars is more reasonable, or a much lower grind.
  11. Hey smart ass that best not be directed at me. I can easily afford this character and anything Trendy throws at this game, but just because I can afford it doesn't mean I will purchase it. Especially if I don't think it's worth my money. Through this game's lifetime I have spent money only to what I think was worth purchasing and I have no problem supporting Trendy. Also I have no desire to even grind for this guy when the gameplay isn't really close to being a challenge. However I will start throwing money Trendy's way when they address end game, Nightmare is anything but that. You can throw all the characters you want and bring all the nostaglia maps you want, but until the gameplay has a multitude of variety to things to do besides loot farming nothing has changed. I'm waiting for when the game develops more and we have challenge events back and proper socialization aspects with the return of things like player shops. If you are charging these prices, then you best have a game that stands out to the rest and atm DD2 isn't even close. However they are finally on the right track and I look forward to seeing how this game develops more, because it certainly has the potential to be amazing. There is nothing smart about anything that Dan H has ever said.
  12. That is such horrific logic. "Hey I get ***ed harder here so getting ***ed softer here is worth it". If there is an example of an ostensibly not p2w game that is f2p and charges more for something that inherently affects game mechanics, I would be interested to take a look. Look:https://www.g2a.com/smite-400-gems-cd-key-global.html?___store=englishus 8 dollars for 400 gems. 400 gems nets you 2 heroes. So it is 4 dollars per hero. Crazy price difference, right? iirc hots took me around a week to get a hero for free. Today in DD2 I got around 300 medals. How is it even comparable? Edit: You can play all the heroes for free on a rotation too. The counter is, "but they're bigger companies. True, but games like dota did fine building up for free firstly. I have the AL as I had some spare gems left over, but I can completely understand people being pissed off.
  13. DOTA didn't get well established by charging through the nose. If I recall, it was a mod and this is how it started everything off. Don't you get it? Read what you wrote: "TE isn't blind nor deaf. All this outcry about the cost of AL is sure to make them reconsider the paywall/playwall for future heroes." Exactly. And if they do lower the cost then remember to come back here and thank some of the people who complained. Saying, "oh well I suppose it is probably too high" probably isn't going to change someone's mind. People saying, "if this does not change, I will stop playing." or, "I am not playing until you fix things" is EXACTLY how you change things. Edit: In fact, we already have plenty of f2p examples where people aren't complaining like this. It does not help that this game has so many issues with it of course, but hey, "it's alpha gaiz". I'm still on TE's side so I'm rooting for them to do well. This update was a step in the right direction in terms of QoL changes, but that really is all about it for now. I look forward to the strategic revamp and I think all those people saying they're leaving now will come back for that. THAT will be the arbiter of DD2's immediate success, I feel.
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