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  1. Thanks for the update Laura. My Thanks to all of The Trendy Team, the Event Hosts and all the Community for all the Fun 8) ! I have had sooo much Fun playing this game. Its really Sad to see it go. i will miss all the Fun that ive had , but i will miss playing online with all my friends the most. Thats what made this game the best game Ever!!! The Fun and Teamwork. I will miss all of this. Thanks For all the Great Memories! 8)
  2. what time i m in central time i get home about 330 pm do you have any event dragons
  3. what do you have event items or regular items
  4. hey what ever you have left i would like to get something if that is ok. i heard about those donkey kong if you have one of those left that wold be sweet. if not you know me n dragons if you have any krayts left that would be sweet too
  5. :huntress: i just want to say that i am greatly honored to have been able to play with all of you defenders out there! i have had the most fun here with all of you 8) i will miss playing with all of you! i want to tell ALL of the Hosts who has ever hosted i think that you all were awesome you did a great job hosting and made all of the games fun and well worth playing. i will miss all of you! this was one of the best games i have ever played . i have made some of the greatest people here. and really close friends. i will keep you all on my friends list too 8):huntress: Your Friend PurP
  6. PSN: PurPle_DraGon75 I would like to play in the event this Sat. between 12pm and 4pm Please and Thank You! :):huntress:
  7. PSN: PurPle_DraGon75 hi I would like to join the event on Sat. between 12 noon to 4pm please and thank you :)
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